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  • Uganda’s Kemiyondo is “The Baker” in Apple TV+’s “Little America”

    There is a little gem of a series hidden in the fast growing motion picture live-streaming industry called “Little America’’. It is an anthology of

  • Ugandans want the best but don’t like paying for it

    I know we miss the days we would buy 5 pancakes for UShs. 100 but those good old days are gone. This capitalistic world we embraced is taking its

  • Do activists have to use profanity?

    On Monday, an American television station, ABC hosted Mona Eltahawy an Egyptian-American Journalist and activist on their QandA programme. On the

  • Education in Uganda has not evolved

    I recently passed by a nursery school in Kampala and heard the little ones sing a rhyme I knew only too well. I am 25-years-old and 20-years-ago, I

  • Are criminals getting bold or Police is just terrible at its job?

    Kampala, one of Africa’s safest cities is not sure about that status anymore as growing crime rate engulfs the city of seven hills. It seems some

  • Why Uganda needs new laws to hold police in check, and accountable

    In May this year Uganda’s Constitutional Court made a ruling that offered a welcome development for domestic justice for victims of police

  • Umeme remains committed to powering Uganda’s prosperity

    Umeme would like to congratulate the government for having successfully gone through the 2019 Manifesto Week that run from May 13 to 24, 2019. We

  • Why you should spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing

    Before we get into why you need to spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing, let’s talk about what Social Media Marketing is. So, what

  • Kampala Can’t Be More Successful Than Its Inhabitants.

    According to Uganda Bureau of statistics, the national poverty level increased from 19.7 per cent in the financial year 2012/13 to 21.4 per cent in

  • President Museveni mourns boat accident victims, orders registration of all boats.

    President Yoweri Kagiuta Museveni has mourned all those that perished in a boat accident that occurred on Lake Victoria yesterday evening.

  • Museveni explains Kampala youth cash bonanza

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has spoken out about the recent cash bonanzas that he has been giving out to different groups of people across the

  • Jamal Khashoggi: From Saudi royal insider to open critic

    A complex man of contradictions, journalist Jamal Khashoggi went from being a Saudi royal family insider to an outspoken critic of the

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  • Covid-19: Let’s be flexible on directives

    There is need for adjustments in some of the restrictions to allow flexibility, especially in special circumstances

  • What to do if your business switches to online, delivery during coronavirus crisis

    If the business is relying on online advertising, possibly riding on social media, it needs to anticipate and prepare for handling online feedback

  • COVID-19: How to make the most of your internet connection at home

    Disconnect all devices that are connected to your router or switch and are not actively in use

  • Contraceptive use doesn’t promote sexual immorality

    Tthe ban on public transportation has made it nearly impossible for young people to access the necessary youth responsive services

  • Diseases, locusts and grey rhinos: Time to get our spears and shields

    In adding pandemics to its docket, the Igad leaders are piling on a task that the organisation still has muscle memory for; and rebooting it to do

  • Covid-19 measures harsh but necessary

    Adhere to the guidelines and we will combat the spread of the virus. Flout the rules and the dire situation will worsen. It’s an easy choice to

  • Covid-19 and future responses to infrastructure development

    Remember more than 99 per cent of the population operate businesses on cash-basis whether in the traditional markets, banks or other areas

  • Corruption, lack of rule of law will be the death of Uganda

    Such actions are selfish and very irresponsible, especially from those who should be leading by example

  • Security guards vital in Covid-19 war

    One of the preventive measures of this diseases is making sure one washes hands after nearly 20 minutes or as many times as possible

  • Stop beating citizens over corona directives

    The security officers must, therefore, be seen to go about their work in a humane way. And while they are at it, an assessment of how the LDUs work

  • Coronavirus reveals our African spirit

    Even in the context of social distancing and isolation, the Food Pantry remains open for people who need help and they can pick supplies (food,

  • Banyakigyezi to launch response fund to fight Covid-19 this week

    One way of doing this is for people to organise and mobilises themselves according to their districts or regions of origin and raise funds to