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  • The Truth Behind Deepfakes

    The definition

  • PRESS STATEMENT: Crown beverages partners with telecom giants for "FOREVER CONNECTED" Campaign

    The effects of COVID-19 to our country and to our consumers can not be over emphasized. Crown Beverages Limited has launched a new campaign that

  • Open letter to the political leaders of Uganda

    Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Looking through “Prophet” Mbonye’s letter to religious leaders objectively

    “Prophet” Elvis Mbonye recently wrote an Open Letter to the leadership of the various Christian sects in Uganda. The contents of that letter may


    Today I woke up worried about a lady in my village called Ekadon. I worried about her mud hut with tinned roof, held by stones, that it would fall

  • Uganda’s Kemiyondo is “The Baker” in Apple TV+’s “Little America”

    There is a little gem of a series hidden in the fast growing motion picture live-streaming industry called “Little America’’. It is an anthology of

  • Ugandans want the best but don’t like paying for it

    I know we miss the days we would buy 5 pancakes for UShs. 100 but those good old days are gone. This capitalistic world we embraced is taking its

  • Do activists have to use profanity?

    On Monday, an American television station, ABC hosted Mona Eltahawy an Egyptian-American Journalist and activist on their QandA programme. On the

  • Education in Uganda has not evolved

    I recently passed by a nursery school in Kampala and heard the little ones sing a rhyme I knew only too well. I am 25-years-old and 20-years-ago, I

  • Are criminals getting bold or Police is just terrible at its job?

    Kampala, one of Africa’s safest cities is not sure about that status anymore as growing crime rate engulfs the city of seven hills. It seems some

  • Why Uganda needs new laws to hold police in check, and accountable

    In May this year Uganda’s Constitutional Court made a ruling that offered a welcome development for domestic justice for victims of police

  • Umeme remains committed to powering Uganda’s prosperity

    Umeme would like to congratulate the government for having successfully gone through the 2019 Manifesto Week that run from May 13 to 24, 2019. We

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  • Be clear on LDUs status, command and control

    The public hopes that after the retraining, the LDUs have acquired sufficient skills in fighting crime and handling unarmed civilians without

  • St Peter’s Church Ndeeba: Is this order of business or not?

    This is the time for trustees to publish all trust properties

  • Violet died a violent death, it’s sad we let her down, like many others before

    It is better to be alone and happy than to kill someone’s daughter

  • Ndeeba church shouldn’t have been destroyed

    Ndeeba church saga serves as a wake-up call for city managers

  • It’s time to open our worship places

    When people are going through hard times, they need encouragement from the church

  • If church can’t be spared, then what can?

    Being a daughter of a canon, we were nurtured under the Anglican umbrella and one would miss anything, but not going to church

  • Museveni’s press-ups, Covid-19 politics, and quest for 40 years

    He needs to be imaginative about a testing regime that will allow the economy to fully reopen, and to devise an economic plan for recovery. If I

  • African youth voices rising in environmental discourse

    One such Landscape Guardian is the climate change activist and Ugandan Youth – Vanessa Nakate. Vanessa has added her voice to the global climate

  • How to share government jobs in Uganda

    Yet according to the 2014 population census, central region has the highest population with 27.4 per cent, eastern 26 per cent, western 25.4 per

  • Punish masterminds of church destruction

    These senseless misadventures have continued to shine the spotlight on the government and its arms and those well-connected to the State machinery

  • Museveni’s rivals; hope for the best, expect the worst

    A smart dictator may use national financial resources to comfort (bribe) their leaders away from serious political contention and kill the fervent

  • Transformative leadership needs upright citizens

    The naked man is the problem, not the observant boy. Uganda’s top appointing authority is the problem, not those who point out obvious facts of