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  • Why Uganda needs new laws to hold police in check, and accountable

    In May this year Uganda’s Constitutional Court made a ruling that offered a welcome development for domestic justice for victims of police

  • Umeme remains committed to powering Uganda’s prosperity

    Umeme would like to congratulate the government for having successfully gone through the 2019 Manifesto Week that run from May 13 to 24, 2019. We

  • Why you should spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing

    Before we get into why you need to spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing, let’s talk about what Social Media Marketing is. So, what

  • Kampala Can’t Be More Successful Than Its Inhabitants.

    According to Uganda Bureau of statistics, the national poverty level increased from 19.7 per cent in the financial year 2012/13 to 21.4 per cent in

  • President Museveni mourns boat accident victims, orders registration of all boats.

    President Yoweri Kagiuta Museveni has mourned all those that perished in a boat accident that occurred on Lake Victoria yesterday evening.

  • Museveni explains Kampala youth cash bonanza

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has spoken out about the recent cash bonanzas that he has been giving out to different groups of people across the

  • Jamal Khashoggi: From Saudi royal insider to open critic

    A complex man of contradictions, journalist Jamal Khashoggi went from being a Saudi royal family insider to an outspoken critic of the

  • President Museveni's 2018 Independence day speech

    Your Excellencies the Invited Heads of State and

  • Grants and support for people with disabilities in Uganda

    Early this week, I interacted with a one Fred Katumba, a resident of Kajjansi in Entebbe Municipality. Katumba is 48 years old and suffers from

  • BOU did not “blow” shs 478 Billion in Crane Bank takeover - Mutebile

    On Monday, September 17 2018, the Daily Monitor ran a story with the headline “How BOU Blew Shs 478 billion in the Crane Bank Takeover”. The story


    On the 8th of this month, the country was once again rocked by the death of another big personality in the country. ASP Mohammed Kirumira was

  • Nyege Nyege Festival; I Saw things!

    I saw hotels and guest houses and lodges booked out for 4 days. I saw Boda Bodas ferrying people from all corners of Jinja town, a business chance

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  • Employers are not paying much, so why not operate side business?

    People must hustle to survive because ends must meet. So because almost every young person is underemployed, poorly paid and overburdened, all of

  • News round the clock and how journalists keep pace

    This week, I wish to give readers a peek into NMG news planning processes as laid down in the Group’s Editorial Policy Guidelines. Excerpts below:

  • EAC should go to Japan with common economic agenda

    The Ugandan delegation particularly will meet several of their brothers in Japan (at least by name), including Mr Kato - head of Japan

  • Govt should go slow on borrowing

    What is more worrying is that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projections show that this figure is expected to rise to 50.7 per cent by

  • Telecoms, regulators must fix cross-network mobile money transactions

    Since then, a lot has happened and trillions of shillings is moved annually through mobile financial services

  • Why IMF needs to change its approach to lending

    The Fund has a long history of policy mistakes. Yet, as Christine Lagarde’s just-completed tenure showed, it has learned little from them.

  • African courts grapple with reality of electoral rule

    Instant media has also reduced deliberation time for government to make many decisions, including covering its tracks when caught off-guard

  • Govt must prioritise proper fuel handling

    Another potentially tragic accident in waiting is the proliferation of fuel stations and fuel deports in and around Kampala

  • Identify causes of road carnage

    The causes of road- traffic accidents broadly fall into two categories: Those caused by human errors of commission or omission and those due to the

  • We should streamline use of technology in elections

    The move to legislate specific provisions on electoral technology is positive and is one of the measures to enhance transparency, trust and

  • Fight over fate of UTL is a bit like two bald men fighting over a comb

    Asset stripping was the condition-precedent for many of the privatised national enterprises, including most famously Uganda Airlines

  • When did we stop fearing God? My father’s house now a den of thieves

    Many years ago, this was unthinkable. No one dared steal from God’s house, because then fire and brimstone would descend upon you from the heavens.