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  • PRESS STATEMENT: Crown beverages partners with telecom giants for "FOREVER CONNECTED" Campaign

    The effects of COVID-19 to our country and to our consumers can not be over emphasized. Crown Beverages Limited has launched a new campaign that

  • Open letter to the political leaders of Uganda

    Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Looking through “Prophet” Mbonye’s letter to religious leaders objectively

    “Prophet” Elvis Mbonye recently wrote an Open Letter to the leadership of the various Christian sects in Uganda. The contents of that letter may


    Today I woke up worried about a lady in my village called Ekadon. I worried about her mud hut with tinned roof, held by stones, that it would fall

  • Uganda’s Kemiyondo is “The Baker” in Apple TV+’s “Little America”

    There is a little gem of a series hidden in the fast growing motion picture live-streaming industry called “Little America’’. It is an anthology of

  • Ugandans want the best but don’t like paying for it

    I know we miss the days we would buy 5 pancakes for UShs. 100 but those good old days are gone. This capitalistic world we embraced is taking its

  • Do activists have to use profanity?

    On Monday, an American television station, ABC hosted Mona Eltahawy an Egyptian-American Journalist and activist on their QandA programme. On the

  • Education in Uganda has not evolved

    I recently passed by a nursery school in Kampala and heard the little ones sing a rhyme I knew only too well. I am 25-years-old and 20-years-ago, I

  • Are criminals getting bold or Police is just terrible at its job?

    Kampala, one of Africa’s safest cities is not sure about that status anymore as growing crime rate engulfs the city of seven hills. It seems some

  • Why Uganda needs new laws to hold police in check, and accountable

    In May this year Uganda’s Constitutional Court made a ruling that offered a welcome development for domestic justice for victims of police

  • Umeme remains committed to powering Uganda’s prosperity

    Umeme would like to congratulate the government for having successfully gone through the 2019 Manifesto Week that run from May 13 to 24, 2019. We

  • Why you should spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing

    Before we get into why you need to spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing, let’s talk about what Social Media Marketing is. So, what

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  • Sort out challenges of homeschooling syllabus

    The home learning syllabus being developed should be cognisant of the different settings, namely urban versus rural, affluent versus impoverished

  • In these Covid-19 times: Fall seven, rise eight!

    Following the rules helps you get good grades, a university education and eventually employment. That guarantees you a life of mediocrity if you

  • On Mary Aliona’s videos and why I should vote for Kabuleta

    A video showing the poor hygiene in a facility holding quarantine interns at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital went viral. The video was made by Ms

  • Gen Sejusa and crisis of nationhood

    I told Gen Sejusa that in my view, nation-building has been NRM’s biggest failure, bigger than State-building. To be sure, State-building and

  • Will e-learning become the new normal in nation?

    The project has faced challenges in human aspects relating to staffing, training and acceptance (Makerere University learning project progress

  • Parties should get more women for elective office

    As a parallel structure, the affirmative action policy constrained competition between women and men, normalised mainstream politics as a male

  • Ask a contestant why they are standing

    Many rounds into the charade that is democracy in this house, it is a fallacy to assume that voters do not know or expect that they will be lied

  • President should meet Bunyonyi ferry pledge

    Following the numerous accidents, President Museveni in 2016, pledged to construction and tarmack the Kabale-Lake Bunyonyi road. He also pledged to

  • Who gains from single-sourced and half-finished news stories?

    Without necessarily discounting their truthfulness, all the three stories mentioned above indicate that journalists can unwittingly be used by

  • Integrate gender to achieve local content in the oil and gas sector

    The objectives of the Local Content Policy are to build the capabilities of Uganda’s human resources to effectively participate in the oil and gas

  • Africa carries a high burden of political governance

    However, if the frequency of governance changes is high and if changes in different countries can have impact on neighbouring ones, the aggregate

  • Our challenge is to chose the right mask

    When the world mourns George Floyd, it is not because they knew him...