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  • Ugandans want the best but don’t like paying for it

    I know we miss the days we would buy 5 pancakes for UShs. 100 but those good old days are gone. This capitalistic world we embraced is taking its

  • Do activists have to use profanity?

    On Monday, an American television station, ABC hosted Mona Eltahawy an Egyptian-American Journalist and activist on their QandA programme. On the

  • Education in Uganda has not evolved

    I recently passed by a nursery school in Kampala and heard the little ones sing a rhyme I knew only too well. I am 25-years-old and 20-years-ago, I

  • Are criminals getting bold or Police is just terrible at its job?

    Kampala, one of Africa’s safest cities is not sure about that status anymore as growing crime rate engulfs the city of seven hills. It seems some

  • Why Uganda needs new laws to hold police in check, and accountable

    In May this year Uganda’s Constitutional Court made a ruling that offered a welcome development for domestic justice for victims of police

  • Umeme remains committed to powering Uganda’s prosperity

    Umeme would like to congratulate the government for having successfully gone through the 2019 Manifesto Week that run from May 13 to 24, 2019. We

  • Why you should spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing

    Before we get into why you need to spend more time thinking about Social Media Marketing, let’s talk about what Social Media Marketing is. So, what

  • Kampala Can’t Be More Successful Than Its Inhabitants.

    According to Uganda Bureau of statistics, the national poverty level increased from 19.7 per cent in the financial year 2012/13 to 21.4 per cent in

  • President Museveni mourns boat accident victims, orders registration of all boats.

    President Yoweri Kagiuta Museveni has mourned all those that perished in a boat accident that occurred on Lake Victoria yesterday evening.

  • Museveni explains Kampala youth cash bonanza

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has spoken out about the recent cash bonanzas that he has been giving out to different groups of people across the

  • Jamal Khashoggi: From Saudi royal insider to open critic

    A complex man of contradictions, journalist Jamal Khashoggi went from being a Saudi royal family insider to an outspoken critic of the

  • President Museveni's 2018 Independence day speech

    Your Excellencies the Invited Heads of State and

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  • What Uganda can do to avoid wildfires

    Despite the shorter lifespan in the atmosphere, black carbon absorbs heat energy from solar, which causes global warming at a much higher rate than

  • We shouldn’t wait for coronavirus to hit us

    Today, we focus on a distant yet threatening development in China. Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei Province, has been hit by the

  • Mismanagement of freehold land is one of the main causes of disputes

    The minister who had been cited in the controversial giveaway of the university land explained that she had been directed by the President to find

  • African armies cannot stop Nato military intervention

    The most recent event that helps us understand the vulnerability and haplessness bedevilling the armies of developing countries was the

  • Museveni’s attention to road safety might make a difference

    My personal experience on Uganda’s roads during my recent visit left me even more despondent than ever before.

  • The impressive rise of Africa’s corporate business brand

    Certainly there are African companies that began way before the 1960s, especially in Southern Africa, but in the context of today’s environment,

  • Are we protected from harmful effects of scientific innovations?

    Science has over the ages unlocked many puzzles and widened the scope of our understanding and interaction with nature, but to date, there are

  • Why parenting is walking with each child all the way

    Rose narrated how she had unsuccessfully tried to convince her parents that law was not her idea of how she wanted to spend her life. She wanted to

  • Locust invasion: We must be alert

    As concerns grow that the invasion could threaten a food crisis in the Horn of Africa if the situation is not contained fast, FAO says under a

  • Locust invasion: We must be alert

    As concerns grow that the invasion could threaten a food crisis in the Horn of Africa if the situation is not contained fast, FAO says under a

  • There is need to relaunch disarmament in Karamoja

    The government needs to deploy a sizeable number of fully trained well-armed and paid security forces in every village affected by cattle rustling

  • Find money for revised curriculum or shelve it

    The Budget for the Financial Year 2020/2021 has a provision of Shs10b out of Shs143b required. After discussion with Finance officials, NDC team