To all of you who have just graduated...

Wednesday May 25 2022

Graduates of the 72nd Graduation Ceremony of Makerere University celebrate their achievements (Photo | Michael Kakumirizi | Daily Monitor)

By Guest Writer

When I graduated from Makerere so many years ago, my dream was that by now, I would be a very rich guy, staying with my wife and children in a very huge mansion on a scenic Lake Victoria Island.

Why that has since remained just a dream, I can explain.  However, just before I do, I want to let you know that one out of two things will happen for you. You will either be as rich as the guy in my dreams or you will be part of the majority.

The majority who can't find a job. The majority who will progress at a very slow pace. The majority will have to look the odds in the face and soldier on.  If you end up in the majority, this is all I can say to you. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND KEEP MOVING.  

In a matter of years, you'll see people you went to school with or even those you were ahead of, occupying important offices in the public and private sectors. One tough afternoon, after dropping your 60th CV at someplace and walking 20kms on an empty stomach, a monster ride being driven by an OB/OG or village mate will literally stop at your foot and this person will ask you the famous "so what do you do these days" question. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND KEEP MOVING.  

You'll hide from wedding meetings! You'll run out of clothes to wear to the weddings of the people you know! WhatsApp groups will torment you as OBs and OGs talk about their new wheels or how their construction projects are moving on smoothly.  TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND KEEP MOVING.  

If you are lucky enough, you'll land a job below your qualifications and while at it and trying to earn a living, you'll feel embarrassed and people will think you are bewitched! You will get evicted from your single room.  You will run away from your next single room at night to avoid arrest. You will even return to the village at some point and people will laugh.  TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND KEEP MOVING.  


You will not have friends. Relatives will evade you. Your first ten businesses will collapse before their first anniversary. Clients will refuse to pay. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND KEEP MOVING.

Live within your means. Don't let social pressure lead you into crime. Don't DATE a girl beyond your means. Be kind. Respect everyone. Keep an eye on the allies God places in your path. Don't let your academic qualifications and social tags prevent you from taking on a "lousy" job.

At the end of the day, two things will happen. You will either become successful and rich or you will be part of the majority. The majority will not own their dream car. The majority will not own their dream house. The majority will raise their children in a rented house. The majority will not afford International schools for their children. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND KEEP MOVING.

Life has taught me that at the end of the day, you have to find a way of being happy in your situation. Life has also taught me that you don't have to be rich to be kind!

Like we used to say in my acting days. Go out there and break a leg. Pursue your dreams for it is better to try and fail than to regret all the attempts you didn't make. Strive at all times to ensure an inclusive society, especially for persons with disabilities.

May the odds be in your favour.

The opinion was written by Mohamed Kimbugwe.