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    ‘OMUSOLO’, that is a translation of the word TAX in the local Buganda dialect, which mostly inspired fear in the 90s and the need to hide under

  • The Black Panther movie is not African, it is African American


    Dominating the largely informal sector in the country, women in Uganda are the major drivers of the Ugandan economy. It means that, any form of

  • Infinity War villain may have a solution to saving mother earth

    Take a scenario. You have suffered loss at the hands of Joseph Kony’s LRA. You have watched the horrors of villages burning to the ground and

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  • Hard times awaken human spirit

    The survivors’ struggle was not only for food, but against extremely huge forces of nature, including avalanches and extreme winter conditions for

  • Are we paying tax for systems that are no longer working?

    It appears that institutions are not working, and human rights and certain privileges are only extended to a small group

  • Youth Livelihood Programme is on steady path to success

    It is important to fathom that beneficiary groups have a maximum of three years within which to pay back the loan they receive, hence the term

  • Protect everyone in Uganda from killers

    Before Wamono’s grisly killing, two other cases were recorded by police on July 13. The bodies of Bashir Wandebe, a guard, and one Tom Mudoma were

  • Walk; if it doesn’t kill you it will leave you healthier

    Walking is a wonderful way to exercise. Almost anyone can walk, no matter their level of unfitness

  • Bad mathematics can kill NRM power

    You see, the brain makes decisions before we are conscious of (or express) those decisions

  • Navel-gazing political class has just sunk to a new low

    Further irrelevance of MPs is what is likely to happen when the security measures President Yoweri Museveni has ordered for each MP are implemented

  • Fallout on taxes says a lot about our budgeting

    Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda then briefed Parliament that the President’s directive to halve the tax that was imposed on mobile money

  • LCI victory for NRM might not necessarily mean the party is popular

    Under normal circumstances, winning elections would automatically be attributed to rising popularity

  • On the challenge of evaluating world leaders

    My initial take on the story was that it was fake news, but to make assurances doubly sure I consulted a media expert on the matter

  • In sympathy with President Museveni

    Since assuming responsibility of government, President Museveni has been an effective long-time leader

  • Bad advisers infiltrate government

    Mr President, I say this in reference to my earlier correspondences in December 2013 and January 2014, where I made a formal brief, whose contents