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  • Grants and support for people with disabilities in Uganda

    Early this week, I interacted with a one Fred Katumba, a resident of Kajjansi in Entebbe Municipality. Katumba is 48 years old and suffers from

  • BOU did not “blow” shs 478 Billion in Crane Bank takeover - Mutebile

    On Monday, September 17 2018, the Daily Monitor ran a story with the headline “How BOU Blew Shs 478 billion in the Crane Bank Takeover”. The story


    On the 8th of this month, the country was once again rocked by the death of another big personality in the country. ASP Mohammed Kirumira was

  • Nyege Nyege Festival; I Saw things!

    I saw hotels and guest houses and lodges booked out for 4 days. I saw Boda Bodas ferrying people from all corners of Jinja town, a business chance

  • OPINION: Regulating the physical location of pharmacies and drug shops is good for consumers

    Location rules in general, use population to pharmacy ratios and or the distance between pharmacies/drug shops is one of the major parameters to

  • LC Elections losers; Who will show the old guard the way out?

    My Name is Joyce Nakato, a reporter with Spark TV, an NTV sister station. For some time now, I have been talking myself into trying to start a blog

  • People financing riots want to damage Uganda's economy - Museveni

    A day after Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi was freed by the General Court martial and then charged with treason at Gulu Chief Magistrate's

  • I do not have the power to free Bobi Wine - President Museveni

    Countrymen, Countrywomen, Bazukulu I have read your comments in response to my earlier statement. I thank all of you for giving your views. This

  • Arua security chiefs suspended over election chaos- Museveni

    Fellow Ugandans, thank you for your responses following my most recent post on events that followed the by-election in Arua Municipality. The

  • Bobi Wine has no head, or chest Injuries - Museveni

    The biggest problem is political leaders like Kassiano Wadri and Bobi Wine forming, or allowing indisciplined groups to be formed under the cover

  • Present Bobi Wine to a competent court of law - Katikiro Mayiga

    I appeal to the government to present Hon Francis Zaake and Hon Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine and all the others arrested to a

  • Barbie Kyagulanyi's statement on Bobi Wine's condition

    Barbie Kyagulanyi, wife to Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was given a chance to see her husband in Makindye millitary prison

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  • Ghosts of UEB: Rebundling of the electricity sector in Uganda

    Whereas the reasons for the proposed move may be understandable, a delicate balance must be struck between pushing through the reform and guarding

  • Mulago fees structure versus right to health

    Health is a critical and sensitive issue hence full support is expected to flow from government as the key stakeholder. The fact that the

  • Peace is a bedrock for sustainable development

    The National Vision 2040 aims at transforming Uganda from a predominantly peasant and low-income country to a competitive upper middle-income

  • Only dialogue can solve the StarTimes-Express impasse

    However, their threat to pull out of the deal altogether if Express secure the aforementioned deal doesn’t auger well for a game that has just

  • Anyone with maintenance plan for chic new women’s hospital?

    One expert has said on some social media forum that this new facility, and much else that has gone into the refurbishment of the rest of the Mulago

  • Is President Museveni a good political crime preventer?

    Be vigilant. Do not move around carelessly with big amounts of cash. Look out for and report any suspicious characters. In short, make yourself a

  • “This is Uganda”: The painkiller concealing a slow death inside us

    Don’t demand great service or expect a courteous reception just because you are a paying customer. Don’t try and hurry people up, or worse, expect

  • Museveni, Bobi Wine and the law of unintended consequences

    Looking back one can imagine the regret the NRM has wishing they hadn’t insisted on claiming that one seat. Without that by-election, Kyagulanyi

  • However much NRM will dismiss him, looks like Bobi Wine’ story has only began

    Interestingly, only nine years later and the NRM government seems to be undermining itself by not caring about Ugandans

  • Museveni’s four-hour address failed to achieve its main objectives

    Going by the commentaries in the media and remarks of the NRM members and opponents, the President’s voyage into the country’s history since

  • Issues before 73rd session of UN General Assembly - Part II

    During visits to the “Africa Museum” and the “Colonial Museum” in Brussels, I even spotted some items which were looted more than 100 years ago

  • State violence against civilians must stop

    Justice will imply that the abuses of both the police and the military against Ugandans are thoroughly investigated. That the wilful torture and