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  • The Black Panther movie is not African, it is African American

  • Infinity War villain may have a solution to saving mother earth

    Take a scenario. You have suffered loss at the hands of Joseph Kony’s LRA. You have watched the horrors of villages burning to the ground and

Latest Monitor Commentaries

  • Kidnaps: Parents must ensure maximum security of children

    They should also avoid going to public entertainment places unaccompanied because kidnappers take advantage of such places

  • Ministry should act on rising school demands

    It is not too late for the ministry officials to stop offering lip-service and take remedial actions against schools that have made demands without

  • Who will champion green ribbon cause for mental health in Uganda?

    Poverty and harsh life circumstances compound chances of occurrence of mental Illness

  • Preserving Africa’s agricultural revolution with innovation

    Agriculture has been Africa’s bread and butter over the last century and it continues to be so

  • How dishonouring the Sabbath leads to disintegration of society

    The modern society does not like the idea of men or women who stay home. The result is that humanity has become a whole bunch of monetary goods and

  • Human sacrifice, devil worship are symptoms of bigger problem

    Superstition long common in the lake peoples to explain all sorts of bad omen, famine, drought, plagues has fuelled demand for these traditional

  • Biometric scheme vital but will government enforce it?

    The biometric system should not be another stillbirth like the employment-on-contract pronouncement

  • Isn’t abolishing personal income tax viable option?

    Let us assume that the level of tax revenues raised is constant, but raised in a different way

  • What would it cost to hold a rock concert in Namirembe Cathedral?

    And the folks of Blankets & Wine are yet to host one in the grounds of Kibuli Mosque, despite its excellent views of the city

  • Don’t tie kidnaps to only poverty

    Who is behind the trade in these drugs?

  • Museums vital for cultural enrichment

    The International Museums’ Day, therefore, provided an opportunity for young museum professionals to meet the public and alert them of the benefits

  • I salute single mothers for their patience, sacrifice

    Other stress comes from the fact that these mothers have to play both parenting role. Generally, the situation is not easy to handle