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  • Museveni explains Kampala youth cash bonanza

    President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has spoken out about the recent cash bonanzas that he has been giving out to different groups of people across the

  • Jamal Khashoggi: From Saudi royal insider to open critic

    A complex man of contradictions, journalist Jamal Khashoggi went from being a Saudi royal family insider to an outspoken critic of the

  • President Museveni's 2018 Independence day speech

    Your Excellencies the Invited Heads of State and

  • Grants and support for people with disabilities in Uganda

    Early this week, I interacted with a one Fred Katumba, a resident of Kajjansi in Entebbe Municipality. Katumba is 48 years old and suffers from

  • BOU did not “blow” shs 478 Billion in Crane Bank takeover - Mutebile

    On Monday, September 17 2018, the Daily Monitor ran a story with the headline “How BOU Blew Shs 478 billion in the Crane Bank Takeover”. The story


    On the 8th of this month, the country was once again rocked by the death of another big personality in the country. ASP Mohammed Kirumira was

  • Nyege Nyege Festival; I Saw things!

    I saw hotels and guest houses and lodges booked out for 4 days. I saw Boda Bodas ferrying people from all corners of Jinja town, a business chance

  • OPINION: Regulating the physical location of pharmacies and drug shops is good for consumers

    Location rules in general, use population to pharmacy ratios and or the distance between pharmacies/drug shops is one of the major parameters to

  • LC Elections losers; Who will show the old guard the way out?

    My Name is Joyce Nakato, a reporter with Spark TV, an NTV sister station. For some time now, I have been talking myself into trying to start a blog

  • People financing riots want to damage Uganda's economy - Museveni

    A day after Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi was freed by the General Court martial and then charged with treason at Gulu Chief Magistrate's

  • I do not have the power to free Bobi Wine - President Museveni

    Countrymen, Countrywomen, Bazukulu I have read your comments in response to my earlier statement. I thank all of you for giving your views. This

  • Arua security chiefs suspended over election chaos- Museveni

    Fellow Ugandans, thank you for your responses following my most recent post on events that followed the by-election in Arua Municipality. The

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  • Take lessons from mobile money tax saga

    This tax, misunderstood by both the Executive and Parliament, failed on almost all the aspects of a good tax system

  • Rape galore on Jinja streets and cities that do not work

    I don’t know whether President Museveni’s street cameras will help, but what is certain is that the quality of life in Uganda’s towns is CRAP

  • Just how long would NRM government survive without money to dish out?

    Going by the current trend where Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s popularity keeps growing, it is highly likely that NRM will

  • A day at a ministry and why I now want a government job

    The ministerial desk itself is a thing of beauty, as wide and expansive as is fitting for a public officer of stature

  • Kindly reduce President’s load of work

    This dependency syndrome by us, ministers, holders of other government offices which also makes us to fear, hesitate, refrain or expect our

  • No more excuses: Government must compensate school fire victims

    Victims need help to heal from the trauma and financial support to rebuild their lives. Blaming the victims or giving excuses why regulations are

  • Like con men, a shady government can borrow…and borrow…

    It pays its debts when it must, and its leaders do not appear to suffer any pain of conscience when it fails or refuses to pay

  • National dialogue hangs in the balance

    The national dialogue is a golden opportunity for wananchi to expose the filth and rot in Uganda’s body politic which is stinking from top to

  • Will the Elder’s Forum and IRCU speak truth to power?

    Institutions supposed to serve all Ugandans fairly and justly have been twisted to tend to narrow personal and partisan interests

  • Forgive Rukutana, Museveni has okayed the dialogue

    Mr Rukutana (the abrasive deputy attorney general of Uganda) was a few days ago quoted as making uncharitable remarks about the national dialogue

  • Now that we have new infrastructure, where can we buy software of the mind? - Part II

    The overwhelming balance of the evidence shows that societies are as developed or underdeveloped as they are because of the cultural idiosyncrasies

  • Ministry should monitor staff discipline in schools

    The offence is that the school nurse found some pupils had soiled the floor of the sickbay with milk and wanted them to clean it, using their