How to build a stable business with 1xBet betting company

Monday April 10 2023

Is it possible to make money on betting without placing bets? This question seems meaningless, but only at first glance - we are talking about a working business model. Let's figure out how to build a profitable business with the global betting company's 1xBet affiliate program.

Bookmakers and casinos switched to online a long time ago, and this turn of events has created new opportunities for Internet resources owners - now they can place betting brands ads in their media, actively attract players and earn commissions or receive a fixed payment. One of the best ways to increase your income on the betting companies' interest in the African market is 1xpartners - 1xBet affiliate marketing program.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simple: a business seeks help from partners (affiliates) to sell its products or services in exchange for a reward. Companies motivate partners to promote their products by giving them a percentage of sales from a unique affiliate link. Around the world, affiliate marketing is rapidly gaining momentum, and the methods of attracting traffic are evolving. In recent years, many events have moved online, and this type of income is becoming more and more relevant.

How does it work?

To build a business with 1xBet, you should have a traffic source – a website, social networks, forum or blog.


On these sources, you post an article with an affiliate link or a promo code, which players follow and make bets. Each link is unique and identifies you as a 1xBet affiliate. Your task is to make sure that as many people as possible go to the betting company site and make bets via links placed in your media.

All players who came to the 1xBet website via the posted link or using a promotional code will be assigned to you and will be displayed in your account on There you can also find the registrations number, deposits amount and even the players' countries of origin and other detailed information.

The more traffic of your media resources, the higher the chance of getting a decent income. At the same time, both small media and millionaire sites can take part in the affiliate program. You can increase your turnover when working with the 1xBet affiliate program.

Registration of an account for payments is effortless. It is enough to provide documents confirming your identity, e-mail and phone number.

Any resource is suitable for affiliate marketing.

Casino capabilities demonstrations and streams, where the presenter wins live, can be used as content in gambling. In betting, you should focus on training materials, analytics, betting strategies and forecasts. You can make your account open to attract the target audience and post forecasts with small odds. Also, think about feedback from the target audience via private messages, chats and chatbots.

Link conversion can be increased by posting texts and ads dedicated to promos and bonuses from 1xBet. These materials can be obtained from the affiliate program manager.

In general, fruitful cooperation with AP managers is your key to success. The company's specialists will help you analyze the subject of your resource, advise you on suitable content, and provide relevant materials. Your task is only to attract traffic.

How1xpartners is paid

The affiliate program allows you to create your own business built on commission. 

What is Revshare?

Revenue Share is the income distribution from the total amount received from the goods and services sold between interested parties or participants.

Why is Revenue Share a great choice in affiliate marketing? Each affiliate program member receives his share from the loss of the player he attracted. And each gambler is assigned to this partner for life. Thus, the partner will receive his commission as long as the player bets. The company gets good players, and the affiliate gets a fair reward.

1xpartners standard affiliate commission is 25%. When the number of an affiliate program participant’s attracted players starts to grow, the company encourages him and increases this figure.

How much do 1xpartners affiliates earn?

Last year, partners earned an average of $400-700 per month. In February 2023, the highest affiliate’s earnings were $13,000.

How to earn income with1xpartners:

To start making money with the 1xBet affiliate program, you need to:

  1. Go to and register.
  2. Wait for your request confirmation by e-mail.

New opportunities + income according to the usual scheme

Cooperation with 1xpartners creates new opportunities for earning. Even if this is not the main focus of your online resource, this will help provide additional monetization.

The affiliate program’s main advantage is that with an increase in your resource's traffic, the income from the affiliate program will grow. The longer you cooperate with 1xpartners, the more players you attract and the higher your monthly payment.

1xpartners can provide regular weekly payouts, a lifetime commission from an attracted player, 25% of income and higher, a huge promo materials database and effective managerial support. Get stable income from anywhere in the world with 1xpartners! Sign up right now! .

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