Tips to ease your coronavirus anxiety

Thursday March 19 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 is worrying many around the globe. The disease affects the human respiratory system especially the lungs where it settles. In an effort to fight this virus, the body raises its temperature to fever levels. For an even greater immune response, mast cells come out to battle this virus. The inflammation caused by chemicals from the mast cells causes breathing difficulties. If you are finding it hard to contain the uncertain situation, here are some tips that will keep you going.

Get the necessary facts about Coronavirus.
In most cases, we worry because we don't know, it is important to get informed and understand the vital information about this disease. This will help you to weigh in on how to avoid and worry less about it.

It is also vital to stay informed with the news updates about COVID-19, this will help you to know how the rest of the world is being affected so as to follow the right precautions to avoid the disease.

However, there are a number of platforms circulating a lot of information which may be false and misleading, it is important to consume news from credible sources.

Learn to live each day at a time.
Many of us are already frustrated by the new guidelines set to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but it's wise to learn to live each day at a time in this situation. Instead of worrying about how much you will spend during this lockdown period, work to have at least a meal on your table everyday.

Be positive and hopeful.
The cure or vaccine to coronavirus disease hasn't been discovered yet, but it is healthy to be positive that this time will pass and everything will come to normal. Also, put the situation into perspective and understand that its normal to be worried and uncertain in such times.

Get a distraction.
We are in an era of social media, where most of information is disseminated through social media, but you need to regulate how much you consume about coronavirus by getting a distruction, this may be watching movies, instead of keeping yourself with each update on social media.