Woman sued for not honoring agreement with husband’s kidney donor

Thursday November 25 2021
By NTV Uganda Reporter

The International Crimes Division of the High court is hearing a case in which a kidney donor was not paid his dues.

The family of the late John Rwigambwa says that according to medical documents from a hospital in India, Brain Arinaitwe donated his left kidney to their 64-year-old father who had been diabetic and hypertensive for over 28 years.

They say that the family had an agreement promising to give Arinaitwe part of their property in exchange for the organ.  

Two years after the operation which was a success, Rwigambwa died of a fever and his wife Miria Rwigambwa withdrew the promises to the donor.

The children say Arinaitwe is being unlawfully denied his share. The woman has been charged with human trafficking and forgery.