Uganda captures bomb expert of Islamic State-allied rebel group

Sunday May 19 2024
Anywari Al Iraq, commander of the ADF

Uganda's military has captured a commander of an Islamic State-allied rebel group who is an expert in making improvised explosive devices, or bombs, that the group has used to carry out deadly attacks in the past, the army said on Sunday.

The insurgent, Anywari Al Iraq, a Ugandan, was captured in the jungles of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo where the rebel group Allied Democratic Forces is based, the military, Uganda People's Defence Forces, said in a statement.

During the operation, nine people including children were also rescued from an area in Ituri province in Congo's east, the military said. "An assortment of improvised explosive device (IED) making materials were recovered," it said.

The rebel ADF began as an uprising in Uganda but has been based in Congo since the late 1990s. It pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in mid-2019 and is accused of killing hundreds of villagers in frequent raids over recent years.