Speaker Anita Among denies UK property ownership, claims targeted attack over Anti-Homosexuality stance

Thursday May 30 2024
Speaker Among
By NTV Uganda Reporter

Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has broken her silence on allegations that she owns properties in the United Kingdom, dismissing the claims as a targeted attack on her stance against homosexuality.“The attempts to forge and claim that I own property when their records show the contrary tell it all.

The real crux of the matter is about targeting Anita Among for being vocal against homosexuality. The rest is a cover-up. The truth will set me free,” Among stated.These allegations, which have been the subject of diplomatic engagement between Uganda and the UK, have been deemed a forgery attempt by Among, who has challenged the UK government to provide evidence of her alleged property ownership.

“I am glad that His Excellency the President of Uganda has given attention to this matter and rightfully chosen to seek the truth through formal diplomatic channels. Indeed, like the known principle of natural justice recognized in most jurisdictions of the Commonwealth (including Britain), the one who alleges must prove,” Among emphasized.

According to Among, the UK government has informed President Yoweri Museveni that she owns a property at Flat 4, Silk House, 7 Waterden Road, London, E20 3AL, United Kingdom. However, she maintains that the registered owner of this property, as per the UK government’s records, is not her.“

Since the UK government claims I own property, it should be prudent of them to state which property I own as Anita Annet Among. Forgery should be the least the world can expect from them. I am sure this is the answer my President, our government, and I want from them. Nothing else,” she added.

This comes after President Museveni confronted Among in a letter dated May 23, demanding she reveal whether she owns or rents the property at Flat 4, Silk House, 7 Waterden Road, London, E20 3AL, United Kingdom.


The President’s letter, copied to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Inspector General of Government, raises questions about Among’s financial dealings and potential conflicts of interest.“I have got information that is contrary to what you told me, that you, indeed, own a house in London in the form of Flat 4, Silk House, 7 Waterden Road, London, E20 3AL, United Kingdom,” the President wrote.

“Do you own that house or are you renting it?” he added, directing the Minister of Foreign Affairs to contact the UK government and get details regarding this house.“The IGG is also informed,” Gen Museveni added.