Snake sculptures stir controversy in Entebbe

Wednesday April 03 2024
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A python sculpture installed along the Entebbe Highway in Katabi.|Ivan K Walunyolo

By Ivan Kamana Walunyolo

The Uganda Wildlife Education and Conservation Centre, commonly known as the zoo, has been compelled to remove a python sculpture installed along the Entebbe Highway in Katabi.

Local residents and nearby schools raised concerns that the sculpture was frightening children, who mistook it for a real snake. Additionally, some members of the Christian community interpreted the presence of the snake sculpture as a sign of evil, drawing parallels to biblical references.

They expressed fears of potential accidents occurring at the spot due to motorists mistaking the sculpture for a live snake.

As part of its efforts to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Entebbe through tourism initiatives, UWEC embarked on a beautification project following a World Bank loan. However, in response to community concerns, UWEC has paused the installation of snake sculptures, including a cobra awaiting placement. The cobra sculpture is now being held at the UWEC facility.