Officer testifies in Molly Katanga murder trial

Wednesday July 10 2024
By NTV Uganda Reporter

The Molly Katanga murder trial continues for the second day as the prosecution presents its third witness. In the witness stand today was Peter Ogwang, the Officer in Charge of Bugolobi Police Station.

Ogwang testified in the High Court that one of the accused, Patricia Kakwanzi, the daughter of the late businessman Henry Katanga, asked him to cover up her father's death by reporting it as an accident. Ogwang told the court that he advised her he could not cover up the case and that a scene of crime officer had to be involved.

Ogwang informed Justice Isaac Muwata that he knew Patricia Kakwanzi Katanga because she used to follow up on cases of Security-Plus, a private security company, at Bugolobi Police Station.

Ogwang stated that on the fateful day of November 2, 2023, at about 9 am, he received a call from Dr. Charles Otai, who informed him that there was an incident of suicide by shooting at a home in Mbuya and that he needed the police to take over. Ogwang told the court that he went to the home and found the police's liaison officer, Samuel Musede, guarding the scene.

He found Henry Katanga's body lying on a new mattress and covered with a bedsheet. He also noticed a lot of blood in the room and a black pistol placed on the bed.

Ogwang said he called Detective Superintendent of Police Bibian Akong, who went to the home with a team of homicide officers, including a Scenes of Crime officer.


However, during cross-examination, it was established that some accounts of his oral testimony were not included in a written statement he recorded on November 6, 2023.

The defense then asked the court to accept Ogwang's statement as an exhibit.