Anti-corruption officials to watch public officials’ lifestyles

Tuesday November 30 2021
By Ali Mivule

According to the Inspectorate of Government, Uganda loses UGX 10 trillion annually due to corruption. To save the taxpayers, a syndicate of state anti-corruption agencies have resolved to carry out a lifestyle audit of government officials who live beyond their incomes.

The IGG, Beti Kamya says that many corruption suspects get off scot-free due to lack of evidence and complex transactions that they engage in.

“The face of corruption is that lifestyle which you cannot account for. That car which you cannot afford, that mansion which your salary cannot afford, that is the lifestyle that people should be suspicious about,” Kamya told journalists.

“When we eliminate the corrupt, we will have a budget for all of us to enjoy. The only obstacle that is hindering our rapid development is corruption,” Col Edith Nakalema the State House Anti-Corruption Unit head said.

However, for the anti-corruption coalition, the fight will only be successful with the full participation of the public.

“When the declarations of leaders are not made public, how will the people report in case of discrepancies. The inspectorate of government definitely has to find means within which people can be able to access the declarations’ information and be able to report to support the lifestyle audit,” Marlon Agaba the head of Programs at the Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda says.


The call comes as the sector prepares to commemorate the world anti-corruption day on 9th December 2021. Different local governments and worship centres have been urged to heavily publicize the evils of corruption which hamper service delivery.

“Please convene councils to commemorate the anti-corruption day for the purpose of getting the entire population to get sensitized about the cost and pain of corruption. And also, to get involved in fighting corruption. It begins at the local councils. The chairperson is requested to convene the village councils to discuss the cost, vice and pain gained from corruption,” Beti Kamya says.