'Children hurt' as Yemen rebels fire missiles into Saudi

Sunday September 05 2021
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Two children were hurt and 14 homes damaged as Saudi forces intercepted ballistic missiles fired across the border by Yemeni rebels, scattering debris over the eastern city of Dammam, officials said Sunday.

The attack, which took place on Saturday, was the latest in a series by the Iran-backed Huthi rebels who control almost all of Yemen's north.

Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen's war on behalf of the internationally recognised government in 2015, shortly after the Huthis seized the capital Sanaa.


"Saudi Air Defense has intercepted and destroyed (3) ballistic missiles and (3) bomb-laden drones launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia," spokesperson Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki said in a statement, calling it "brutal, irresponsible behavior" by the Yemeni rebels.

A spokesperson at the defence ministry on Sunday said that two children were wounded and 14 homes damaged after debris from the interception scattered across Dammam. It was not clear how serious the reported injuries were.