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Do casino freespins offer you a real value?

By Growth Box Ventures

Thursday November 21, 2019


Online casinos offer you free spins when you play at their casino. Free spins offer you the chance to play real money without using your own coins. It provides you a win-win situation since you are not risking anything.

Free spins are just that - they're free

When you earn a free spin, you are playing on the dime of the casino. You have the same chance of winning money as you do if you were using your own money. Some casino promotions offer from 10 to 100 free spins. This depends upon the individual promotion. Your free spin will be stipulated by a value or $0.10 or $0.25. Let's look at what can happen. If you receive 100 free spins and you win $20 (about Shs74,000), then this is all yours. You do need to meet all of the Terms and Conditions. Some free spin deals limit you to a single game; others allow you to play any of the slots in the casino.

The types of free spins

There are different categories of free spins. One of these is the "no deposit free spins." This means you receive the free spins without being required first to pay a deposit. You will only need to register for a casino account. Another type is the "deposit free spins." To receive your free spins, you will first need to give a deposit in order to qualify. You will need to make a deposit for the minimum amount the casino accepts. Then you will receive the number of free spins assigned to that dollar amount of deposit. You might receive 25 free spins for depositing $20.

The next type is the "deposit bonus plus free spins." Most players find this offer appealing. You receive the chance to receive a cash bonus while also receiving winnings from the spins. Here is how this works:

The online casino gives a 100 per cent matching bonus to $150 (about Shs555,000) and 100 no cost spins.

  • You receive 20 free spins a day for five days in a row.
  • You put in the casino's $20 minimum.
  • You are eligible to earn a cash bonus matching the $20.
  • You receive 20 spins during the next five days.

The other type is "super (mega) spins." The super spin has more value than the average free spin. The mega spin usually has a value of $1. This results in your spins being valued anywhere from 4 times to 10 times higher as opposed to the regular free spins.

How can you get free spins?

You need to visit online casino websites and/or their affiliates. The affiliates promote such casinos, and they are permitted to offer free spin promotions. Sometimes the affiliate offers are stronger deals than the actual casino. The casino offers this to help in the recruitment process. An example, some affiliates are authorized to offer 100 free spins without depositing with the casino.

How do you receive your winnings from free spins?

Casinos do not just give you free money without attaching a string or two. First, there are a few terms and conditions you need to meet. One string is that there are standard withdrawal limits on free spins. These usually range from $50 (about Shs180,000) to $200 (Shs740,000). For example, if your winnings are $225 (about Shs832,500), you will receive $200 (Shs740,000) because anything over $200 is considered surplus, and it disappears when you withdraw your money. Another string attached is that you may be required to deposit before receiving your profits. A third-string is that most casinos require you to use your free spins within a specified time. Often, this needs to happen in seven days or less.

Spins and the no deposit bonus

There are two general categories for no deposit bonuses. One involves cash, and the other includes those offering free spins. The most common is the cash-based no deposit. These offer you a cash value, and it is needed to create winnings. Here is one example:

  1. An online casino is providing a no deposit bonus of $10 (about Shs37,000). You receive the money by registering for an account. You spend the funds in order to generate winnings.
  2. The play through is 35 times. 35 times 10 totals $350 (about Shs1,295,000) to be bet to cash out.
  3. You win a total of $4 (about Shs14,800) after meeting the betting requirements.

Deposit bonus compared to free spins

A deposit bonus is a match percentage of the amount you deposit. After making the deposit, you will qualify for a bonus. It is worth the match percentage. For example, a casino is offering a 200 percent match bonus up to $200 (Shs740,000). You deposit $100 (about Shs370,000). This equates to 100x2.0 equals a $200 potential bonus. Generally, you must meet wagering requirements before you cash out a deposit bonus. However, you know precisely how much bonus cash you can earn. In the example, you are eligible for $200 after making a deposit.

Free slots compared to free spins

When online casinos let you play the casinos' games for free, they are allowing you to gain a feel for their games. It also allows you to determine if you would like to make a deposit or move on to a different casino. The contrast is that free spins cause you to enter the mode of using real money to play the slots. This means you must use real money. However, if you run out of money, you can usually switch back to playing for free. Another difference is these different free spins offer the chance to win money. The free slots only allow you to play free credits. Of course, these free credits are worthless.

Why play free spins?

The primary reason to play free spins is that you have the chance to win real money without any cost to you. If you are lucky enough, you can then parlay your winnings into a larger amount of money. However, don't count on it. You will most likely just win a small amount of money from your spins if anything. Even so, it is fun to spin the reels, without paying to do so, while having a chance to win.

Another feature is that you have the opportunity to try out a variety of slots. It's always fun to play a new game, your favourite game, or one of those offering the latest in technology. The music, number of reels, icons, and everything else offered really make the new slots an exciting adventure. It makes it even more fun and exciting when you are playing with free spins. Casinos are not in business to just give away free money. Playing with free spins gives you a chance to win their money for free.

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