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Vets okay poisoning as stray dogs invade hospital

Saturday January 4, 2020



The administration of Tororo District hospital has announced plans to poison dogs and cats that have invaded the hospital, putting at risk the lives of staff and patients.

This follows permission form the district Veterinary office that has given them a go-ahead to save the institution from any further menace.

Mr Walter Uryek Wun, the hospital senior administrator, says their tough response is a quick measure to stop the increasing number of stray dogs that overrun the institution at night.

“The situation is worse at night and this has frighten off most of our staff allocated on night duty and we cannot force them because we don’t have enough security,” he said on Thursday.

Mr Wun said the stray dogs sneak into the hospital through broken points on the hospital chain link fence as they search for food, adding that they have registered several complaints from patients, who have been bitten by dogs.

‘’We would have acted during the rainy season but we were advised that chances of the poison killing the dogs in cold temperatures is limited and that it would work better in hot temperatures,” he said.

Ms Rosemary Nyabonyo, who is attending to her grandchild at the children’s ward, told Saturday Monitor that they cannot move at night because the dogs roam around the hospital.

“Our patients miss treatment at night because stray dogs take charge of the entire compound,” she said.