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Ugandans are tired of peace - Gen Moses Ali

Wednesday June 5, 2019

The first deputy Prime Minister, Gen Moses Ali, has said some people are causing chaos because they are tired of peace, calling on Ugandans to shun violence and maintain unity.
While addressing the Kibuli-based Muslims during the Idd luncheon organised by Prince Kassim Nakibinge, the titular head of the Kibuli Muslim faction, Gen Ali said Ugandans have enjoyed the longest period of peace to the extent that some of them seem tired of it yet it is needed for prosperity.
“The alternative to peace is no peace. We need peace for prosperity like I can see many of you today wearing expensive clothes, meaning the purchasing power among Muslims has increased. This is all possible because of the peace we are enjoying,” he said.

Prince Nakibinge told his guests that they have initiated dialogue with the Tabliq sect to end hostilities towards each other and the initiative is bearing fruits.
He said there is nothing wrong with each group holding its own beliefs which everyone should respect instead of wasting time fighting each other, adding that this benefits their enemies.
He added that through this initiative, other communities should understand that it is easy to work with Muslims.
“Why should we waste time fighting one another destroying ourselves to the advantage of the enemy?” he asked.
He told police that instead of wasting a lot of resources to block some artistes’ music shows, they should divert half of the resources to protecting Ugandans.
He cited last week’s robbery in Nansana where two people were killed by gunmen, who raided a hardware shop and fled with unspecified amount of cash.
Police have on various occasions blocked music concerts of artiste Bobi Wine, alias Robert Kyagulanyi, who is the MP for Kyaddondo East, on account that his songs carry anti-government messages.