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UPDATE: Two confirmed dead in Jinja Building collapse


Thursday January 16, 2020

The collapsed building on Gokhale Road in Jinja 

The Police has, so far, confirmed two dead in Wednesday’s Jinja building collapse. Eight others are confirmed to have been injured and rushed to Jinja Hospital for medical attention.

The Police, together with UPDF personnel, and fire and rescue services are currently racing against time to rescue any of the others believed to still be trapped in the rubble.

On Wednesday evening, the said building, which is on Gokhale road next to Jinja Senior Secondary School and Madhvani market, that was still under construction came down on builders, workers and other individuals that we’re inside it. Witnesses who spoke to NTV Uganda claim that over 30 people were in the building when it collapsed.

Fortunately, there were four individuals recovered from the rubble that were not injured.

This is not the first construction site tragedy in recent months. On January 8th 2020, six people died after being buried under a heap of soil that fell during an excavation. This was in Kansanga.

Last year, a similar accident like that of Kasanga happened in bakuli leading to the death of one person.

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NTV Uganda’s Sudhir Byaruhanga spoke to experts about the multiple and very recent construction accidents in an effort to find out what could be the cause.

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The Chairperson of the Engineers’ registration Board, Eng Dr. Micheal Odongo blamed such fatalities on inexperienced engineers who are not certified to do heavy construction works.