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UN honours 22 Ugandan police officers in South Sudan


Wednesday July 24, 2019

United Nations have honoured 22 Uganda police officers for their contribution towards peace building in South Sudan.

The 22 officers have been working in South Sudan for a year carrying out training of South Sudanese police officers in new police technics.

According to a police statement, “United Nations Mission in South Sudan Police Commissioner, Unaisi Lutu Vuniwaqua, awarded the Ugandan officers with special United Nations medals as a token of appreciation for their sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance towards building the capacity of South Sudan National Police Force.”

South Sudan, the youngest nation in the world, has been facing challenges of policing due to instability that has affected the country for decades and shortage of trained police officers.

Ms Vuniwaqua thanked Uganda government for sending team that composed of 36 per cent women officers.

The Uganda Police Force’s tasks also involved protection of civilians in South Sudan.
Assistant Inspector General of Police Grace Turyagumanawe, who is the director for Uganda Police Peace Support Operations, said they sent a team which has knowledge that was tested and have ended the tour duty without any incidents.

“You have interacted with your colleagues from different countries and you have learnt a lot from the best practices and performances. It will definitely go a long way in enriching the police work at home,” AIGP Turyagumanawe said.

He said security problems in one country affect others and there is need to have a joint approach on insecurity and criminality to save humanity.

Uganda police has been involved in peacekeeping mission since 2004 and they have deployed in Liberia, Kosovo, East Timor, Sudan and Somalia.