Machete-Wielding men rob Nabweru Magistrate court of UGX 48 Million - National | NTV

Thugs break into Nabweru Magistrates court, steal UGX 48m


Friday August 30, 2019

Nabweru Magistrates court 

Unidentified people have broken into the Nabweru Magistrate court and stolen UGX 48 Million from a vault in the cash office.

The Court holds about 2000 case files including popular ones like the Nansana Women murders and the Lusanja Land case.

According to reports, about 5 machete wielding thugs broke into the court premises at around 3am on Friday morning. They cut through the Chain-linked fence. A single security guard was beaten by the thugs as they broke into the premises.

The unknown individuals are said to have gone through multiple offices on the premises including that a magistrate, the State resident Attorney and the registry.

Security and police at the scene of the crime found the Vault in the cash office broken into and emptied.

The Police and the Nabweru court have not yet confirmed any stolen case files.

Investigations are still on-going