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Two Ugandans shot dead in South Sudan

Monday May 27, 2019


Two Ugandans were shot dead in South Sudan by gunmen believed to be of the Dinka community.
The deceased were identified as Mr Willis Binsiima alias Herbs and another Mr Charles Kule, who was driving a school Land Cruiser. They were travelling with the school head-teacher, a native, whose names were not readily established but was spared.

Sources say that prior to the shooting, an unidentified vehicle with a foreign number plate knocked a Dinka man dead at Tikic in South Sudan. The enraged Dinka gathered on the road, barricading it and started looking out for any vehicle with a foreign number plate.
The source said when the Land Cruiser carrying the Ugandans approached the spot, it was stopped by armed Dinka.

The three occupants were stopped, when the two Ugandans were identified, they were shot dead on the spot. But the head teacher, a South Sudan citizen, was spared.

The trio were reportedly heading to the airport to pick their boss who was travelling from abroad.
“As I speak right now, the bodies are at the Diocese of Rumbek,” the source said.

We have not yet been able to contact Uganda police or foreign affairs ministry officials on whether they have been informed about the incident.

Both Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Henry Okello Oryem did not respond to our repeated calls.