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Supreme court sets date for age limit ruling

Monday April 15, 2019


The Supreme court in Kampala has set 18th of April as the date for the release of the age limit ruling, almost a month after the 2 months deadline passed.

The appeal is challenging the removal of the age limit (75years) on the presidency which would have barred President Museveni from seeking re-election in 2021. Mr Museveni now aged 74 will be above 75 in 2021.

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe and six other justices of the Supreme Court concluded the hearing of the age limit appeal on January 16 and said the judgment would be given on notice.

The Uganda Code of Judicial Conduct gives court two months to deliver a judgment that has been put on notice from the date of concluding the hearing.

In a notice sent out to all the petitioners this afternoon, the ruling will be given at exactly 10: 00 AM.

"If no appearance is made by yourself, your pleader or your by someone by law authorized to act on your behalf, the judgement will be delivered on your behalf," reads the final part of the statement.

Last month,the Supreme Court registrar Vincent Emmy Mugabo who also is the spokesperson of the Judiciary, said the justices had already met and compared notes and the verdict would be out any time.