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Rukungiri Chief Magistrate transferred after death threats

By Edson Kinene

Thursday October 10, 2019


The Rukungiri Chief Magistrate has been transferred after receiving death threats a month ago.

Mr Moses Kule Lubangula has been transferred to Masindi District and has been replaced by Mr Ntaro Nasulu Ussien from Kotido District.

On September 2, an anonymous letter enclosed in a brown envelope, which also contained two bullets was dropped at the residence of the State Attorney, Mr Richard Muhereza.

The letter contained death threats directed at Mr Lubangula, the district police commander, Mr Moses Nanoka, lawyers Mark Mwesigye and Jonathan Bwagi.
The authors warned the group to back off the land cases they were handling.

Police efforts
Mr Nanoka on Tuesday said investigations into the threats are ongoing.

“We are in the final stages of our investigations because we have called in some people to record statements and our detectives are analysing them to come up with a final conclusion,” he said.

Mr Muhereza could not be reached for a comment as he was reportedly on leave.

The anonymous letter read: “We know where you stay. We know your office. We know all your family members. We warn you to leave [the] land cases because we are hired to kill you if you keep in the cases.”

It added: ‘’Your friends are also known, so you have to listen to our demands, these bullets are yours in soon time.”

The authors of the letter said they had already been paid to execute the mission.