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President Museveni directed us to do a feasibilty study on Uhuru falls - Minister


Tuesday February 11, 2020


The State Minister for Energy Simon Giw D'Ujanga has revealed that it is President Museveni that directed them to carry out a feasibility study at Uhuru falls for a possible power dam.

D'Ujanga is appearing before Parliament’s committee on Natural Resources.

The study is for a possible electricity dam that is to be constructed by Bonang Energy and Power Limited, a South African company.

Initially, the study was to be done on Murchison falls but the plan was later changed following opposition from environmentalists and tourism stakeholders.

There is however still fears that Government is hiding behind Uhuru falls to reduce the backlash but its intention remains to set up a dam at Murchison falls because Uhuru falls don’t have adequate water and pressure required to generate the electricity that government is talking about.

Earlier last year, the company applied to the Electricity Regulatory Authority for a permit to conduct the detailed study at Uhuru Falls.

Uhuru Falls and Murchison Falls are slightly adjacent to each other with little or no distance between the two tourist attractions though Government insists that the falls are totally distant.

The chairman of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Everest Kayondo, said this was a mere gimmick and ploy to deceive Ugandans with a government harbouring a motive to destroy Murchison Falls.

“Blessing the study alone is abominable,” Mr Kayondo said in 2019.