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Police arrest key suspect in Bugiri Imam shooting


Wednesday February 19, 2020

The Police has, on Wednesday, arrested the key suspect to the murder of Sheikh Mutumba Masudi of Bugiri. Mr Anatoli Katungwesi, the Busoga East Regional Police commander told journalists on Wednesday.

The suspect has been arrested in Rubaga division in Kampala by the Police’s Flying squad.

Mr Katungwesi says that the suspect is a supervisor at SGA, a private security company in Kampala and is said to have used his position to get the gun he allegedly used to shoot the Sheikh.

“The suspect has motive and that is about land,” says the Police commander.

He said that the suspect had already confessed to killing the Sheik Masuud.

“We believe he is going to get us the gun,” the police commander said.

Sheikh Mutumba, 63, was on February 15, 2020 gunned down at his home in Busimba Village, Iwemba Sub-county, Bugiri District.

Earlier in the day, he had led the Juma prayers at Masjid Noor in Iwemba, Bugiri.

Mr Ismail Mwondha, the son of the deceased, told Sunday Monitor that before his father was shot dead, he received a telephone call from an unidentified person inviting him outside the house for a chat.

“As he moved out to meet the person, he was shot twice in the head, killing him instantly,” Mr Mwondha said.

Other family members said they saw the gunman disappear into the night after shooting their breadwinner.

“The assailant first shot and missed and it was the second bullet that hit him in the head,” Mr Jeff Sebuyungo, the Bugiri District police commander, told Sunday Monitor.

Sheikh Mutumba lobbied for the construction of several mosques in Bugiri District.