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Police adds details to the Entebbe Express Highway murder


Friday September 6, 2019

The car Kamikazi and Ruhegyera were travelling in 

Police have confirmed the identity of Entebbe Express Highway murder victims. The two are Merina Tumukunde and Joshua Nteyireho Ruhegyera. The two were shot dead on Nambigirwa bridge alongside the Entebbe Express Highway in Katabi town council. The Police has not yet confirmed whether any of the victims is a Rwandan National.

The District Police Commander (DPC) Entebbe, SP, Kawonawo Baker was alerted of the shooting at around 11pm. He dispersed a team of detectives to investigate the issue.

According to the Police, the Prado TX reg no.UAW 543B that Maya Kamikaze was found in was well positioned and parked aside at the time Police arrived on the scene of the crime. The vehicle was facing the direction of Mpala. The lights and engine were still on. The co-drivers door was still open. It is believed that the crime was committed with the car in this position.

In the Black Prado, Maya Kamikazi was found in seating position in the backseat on the co-driver’s side. She had a bullet wound in the head. Ruhegyera on the other hand, was lying in a pool of blood with a bullet wound in his head at the rear end of the Vehicle.

In the brief statement, the Entebbe Division Police also confirmed that an AK-47 riffle No.UG POL56-3100699022697 was found on the scene of the crime. The rifle was in the hand of Joshua Nteyireho Ruhegyera who is believed to be a body guard to Kamikazi. There empty cartridges were recovered at the scene.

Interestingly, a Counter Terrorism Uganda police cap was found in the Vehicle in which Kamikazi was found. Also, a piece of paper bearing particulars of No.32693 D/Sgt Mutesi and two mobile phones were recovered on the scene of the crime as well.

The narrative attained from this police report would suggest that the two victims were aware of the presence of their assailants. That is why the car was parked on the side. Ruhegyera might have stepped out of the vehicle to take on the assailants but was gunned down. The assailants then, might have moved on to kill Kamikazi before fleeing. The police cannot yet tell whether anything was taken from the two.

Earlier reports indicate that police may have suggested that the assailants could have been in the car with the deceased.

All suggested theories are inconclusive and are mere speculation at this time.