Plan to give away Murchison falls for a power dam causes outrage.

Monday June 10 2019
Murchison falls

The plan to give away Murchison falls for a power dam has caused a lot of outrage, especially on social media via #SaveMurchisonFalls.

This comes a few months after environmentalists blocked attempts by a private investor to clear part of Bugoma forest to set up a sugar plantation.

In a June 7th notice issued by Electricity Regulatory Authority, the power regulator acknowledges receipt of an application from Bonang Power Energy Limited, a South African energy firm for the generation and sale of power from a plant to be set up near Murchison Falls.

The tourist treasure in the middle of the controversy is among the areas American rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian visited when they came to Uganda late last year.

On social media, many have come out to call for united efforts against the plan with many posting heartfelt messages with beautiful pictures of the falls attached to their posts.

Notable among these is the President of the Public Relations Association of Uganda Sarah Kagingo who tweeted


Government is yet to give a response to the above effect.

Details to follow...