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Opposition has nothing to offer you, Museveni tells Bunyoro

Wednesday September 25, 2019
Opposition has nothing to offer you, Museveni tells Bunyoro


Hoima. President Yoweri Museveni has told the people of Bunyoro (Hoima) to vote for NRM candidate, Ms Harriet Businge Mugenyi because the opposition has nothing to offer Ugandans.
The people of Hoima will be voting on Thursday 26 to elect new woman MP after the incumbent MP Ms Tophas Kaahwa Byagira resigned her post and opted to represent Kikuube district that was curved out of Hoima district.
While campaigning for Ms Businge Mugenyi, the NRM flag bearer in the Hoima bi-elections on Tuesday, President Museveni said the NRM government has registered outstanding achievements which have transformed Uganda.
“I have come to ask you to vote an NRM candidate because NRM has its achievements that can be seen. I get surprised to hear that the opposition is asking you for votes. What have they done? Nothing. A person who has never done anything comes to ask votes from you?” President Museveni asked and wondered.
As the country prepares to carryout primary elections to elect their next political leaders, for the forthcoming general elections in 2021, President Museveni said it is healthy for NRM candidates to compete in primaries to help the party select the best candidate who can deliver.
“But the opposition coming to compete with NRM, What will they say with all these developments we have done. This lady would be unopposed” Museveni said.
NRM’s Businge Mugenyi is in a stiff contest with Ms Asinansi Nyakato, a joint opposition candidate for the Hoima Woman MP By-elections.
According to Mr Museveni, a look at the NRM achievements would make the election easy and clear because NRM achievements are very glaring.
“You can see how Hoima has developed. You who are near the border with DRC you know the importance of peace. You see several Congolese fleeing their country because of insecurity and they come here because we have peace” Museveni said.
Speaking on the achievements of NRM Government, he said NRM has industrialised Uganda which has created jobs for Ugandans, provided free primary and secondary education, constructed roads, an international airport in Hoima, immunized children, discovered oil which previous failed to do, promoted unity, wealth, peace, unity and development.
He said the influx of people from other region and countries is a blessing because African are running to Uganda in search of peace.
“This shows you how your country is sweet. People are coming from other countries because of our peace. People who are looking for employment and business opportunities are coming here” he said.
He promised to address the cause of land disputes in Bunyoro region the way he resolved the land crisis that erupted in Buliisa district between the indigenous Bagungu and the emigrant pastoralists.
Earlier, the Public cell LCI chairman Mr Mohamad Kiyimba had requested the President to grant Hoima an oil city and donate a bus to Kitara Football club, one of the clubs competing in the FUFA big league.
In response to his request, the President announced a donation of the bus and said the issue of the oil city was already resolved.
The NRM candidate Ms Businge Mugenyi petitioned the President to operationalize the Bunyoro University with its campus in Hoima town, the regional administrative hub of Bunyoro region.
The President said the operationalisation of Bunyoro University already started in Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba and constituent colleges will be opened in Hoima, Kagadi and other districts of the region.