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One body recovered, 19 still missing after Bulambuli Landslide

Sunday September 1, 2019


One body has so far been retrieved after four days since a landslide hit Bulambuli District where an estimated 20 people were trapped in the debris.

The deceased has been identified Collin Maleba, a resident of Nasubu village in Busiya Parish in Bulaago Sub county. He was trapped by the landslides while trying to rescue his animals from the heavy rains.

John Maleza Magomu, the Bulago Sub county LC3 Vice Chairperson, says Maleba’s body was recovered by residents who have been digging the debris in search of their friends and relatives.

He says 19 people are still missing and the search is still ongoing. “The search is still on for the other missing people but we are challenged by the technology we are using. We are using hoes to dig into the soils, which has slowed the process,” Maleza said.

He also says that several people who have been displaced are still stuck with no shelter and food as they have not yet received any relief aid.

However, Charles Gidoi, the Bulago Sub county Chief, says they received some food relief from the Office of the Prime Minister but it hasn’t reached the sub county because of the poor roads.

“OPM responded the next day after the disaster but we have failed to take the food we received because of the poor roads that is why it is still kept at the district stores,” he said.

Torrential rains forced River Kajere to burst its banks leading to flooding of Bulago trading center and the neighboring Buginyanya, Nabuwutulu and Masira sub counties. The floods triggered landslides, which destroyed gardens, fish ponds and killed livestock.

Several Bridges and roads were cut off paralyzing transport to the area.
However, this is not the first time the district is hit by such rains. Last year the rains left a trail of destruction majorly in Bunasufwa parish in Bulago Sub County.

It destroyed more than 10 houses and destroyed about 150 acres of crop gardens in the villages of Mali, Disii, Kidumi, Nalwanda, Nasanyi, Natusi, Nakizubo and Suguta.