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Police Chief Ochola shocked as suspect attends detectives’ retreat

Tuesday July 2, 2019
IGP Ochola shocked as suspect attends detectives’ retreat

The Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola (left), interacts with the Criminal Investigations Department director, Ms Grace Akullo, at the five-day annual retreat for detectives at the CID headquarters in Kampala yesterday. PHOTO BY KELVIN ATUHAIRE  

Kampala - The Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, was yesterday shocked after seeing a police officer, who he thought was in jail over theft of exhibits, at a retreat for Criminal Investigations Department (CID) detectives.

Mr Ochola, who was addressing the officers about integrity among the force, called the name of the Officer-in-Charge of CID in Kiruhura District, who had been arrested and detained on charges of theft of exhibits, but he was informed that he was in their midst.

“Who is the OC CID Kiruhura?” IGP Ochola asked before the officer stood up.
“I don’t expect you here. Who released you from the cells? Were you released on police bond?” Ochola asked.

He was opening a five-day annual retreat for detectives to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in criminal investigations.
Mr Ochola ordered the officer to be given a microphone to tell the audience what he had done that led to his detention.
The officer said he had made errors during execution of his duty by not handing back to the suspect the items which were seized by police as exhibits in a criminal case that was later dismissed by court.

The officer had earlier been arrested and detained on allegations of selling cows that were at his station as exhibits.
The officer is alleged to have used the money he obtained from the sale of the cows.
Mr Ochola turned to the officer’s supervisor, Rwizi police region criminal investigations commander, to explain the circumstances under which a suspect could attend a CID retreat.
The regional CID officer said he also did not know who had invited Kiruhura CID officer to the retreat.
“Afande, I don’t expect him here,” the Rwizi Regional CID officer responded.

Mr Ochola shot back: “You don’t expect him to be here, but he is here. Both of you have a case on your own.”
In his keynote address, Mr Ochola issued 19 values to be upheld by detectives including honesty, impartiality, confidentiality, customer care, privacy and ban on torture of suspects.

“Investigators must be honest, act with integrity and not compromise or abuse their positions. They should be open and truthful in their dealings with the public and their colleagues, so that confidence in the police force is secured and maintained,” he said.
He said any detective, who will be found to have tortured a suspect as a way of extracting information, will not be tolerated.
He said corrupt practices where officers sell police services such as police bond, police forms, sniffer dogs, criminalising of civil matters, extortion on roads are a major challenge for the police.

He said they have procured a printer that will enable them print police documents such as police forms that officers have been selling to victims and suspects.