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New UCU Vice Chancellor vows to reduce tuition burden


Sunday March 1, 2020


The new Uganda Christian University Vice Chancellor Prof Aaron Mushengyezi has promised to establish income generating projects for the university to depend on and reduce the tuition burden on students and parents.

"I will make sure we invest in assets that bring in more income so that the university does not rely on tuition," he said in a press briefing on Saturday.

Prof Mushengyezi said since UCU has about 800 staff, they have the capacity to save Shs1 billion annually to start up projects that can benefit the community.

"I am going to put up a mall with in the university to generate income for our university than relying on tuition," he noted.

He said this is the time to look at centres to bring in money than increasing tuition every time.

Prof Mushengyezi has also vowed to mobilise all local churches countrywide to support UCU spiritual and development programs such as research and book writing to generate some money.

The now former Archbishop of Church of Uganda Rev Stanley Ntagali said following in-depth consultations with various stakeholders, he appointed Assoc Prof Mushengyezi as the next Vice Chancellor for Uganda Christian University effective September 1, this year.

"In your leadership, you will experience great times but you will also be faced with challenges, I leave you with Isaiah 41," Archbishop Ntagali said.

The Chairman University Council Rev Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa said the process of getting the next Vice Chancellor took a year and the right process was followed to appoint Prof Mushengyezi.

Prof Mushengyezi, 53, replaces Dr Rev John Senyonyi, 63, who has been the University's Vice Chancellor since 2010.

23 years ago, UCU was established by the provincial Assembly of church of Uganda and it has so far had two Vice Chancellors. Rev Prof Stephen Noll was the founding Vice Chancellor.