Muslims urged to stay out of political protests

Tuesday August 21, 2018
Muslims in Uganda urged not to participate in political protests


Hundreds of Muslims in Busia town early this morning thronged the Madibira playground for prayers as they marked the end of Eid Adha.

Speaking during the prayers, the Busia district Kadhi Jamil Juma Obadio took time to warn Muslims and Ugandans in general against engaging in violent protests that have
rocked the country since the Arua shooting and the arrest of members of parliament.
Since last week, violent protests have rocked various parts of the
country, and have led to loss of lives and the Busia Kadhi thinks this should not be the right option to resort to gain what people want.
Jamil Juma Obadio said it was time Ugandans spoke with restraint, warning that failure may undermine the peace the country has enjoyed over the years.

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But in Mbarara where Muslims leaders including Sheikh Sserunjogi Zakiyyu urged the government to handle Muslims community carefully and avoid using excessive power to arrest them whenever they commit crimes.

The District chairperson of Uganda Muslim supreme council Sheikh Rashid Mukasa warned Muslims against involving in the ongoing riots because they won’t yield any positive results for the country. During the same prayers, the district chairman Mbarara John Bosco Banturaki said those who have been tortured especially after the Arua Incident deserved it because they looked for it.

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While in Kasese, Muslims have been urged to desist from practising human sacrifice in the name of God. This was the message from the district Khadi Sheikh Abdul Hakim Juma during the Idd Al Adha prayers.

 The reason of celebrating Idd Al Adha is to commemorate when God ordered prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his only son Ismail but later he told him to sacrifice a sheep according to the holy Quran.
Therefore Sheikh Abdul Hakim Juma said that people who sacrifice children and women do it for Satan not God.
The prayers were held at Kasese Central Mosque where thousands of Muslim believers gathered for Idd prayers