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Mubende businesswoman killed, body burnt

Sunday June 30, 2019


Police in Mubende District have arrested two family members in connection with the death of a prominent businesswoman in Mubende town.

Jalia Namubiru ,48 , who was operating a wholesale shop at Kibaati Ward in East Division , Mubende Municipality, disappeared on Thursday.

One of Namuburu’s brothers and her husband have been arrested over the murder and are in custody at Mubende Central Police Station.

“We are holding to assist us in our investigations,” Mubende District Police commander, Mr Martin Okoyo said on Sunday.

Namubiru’s body was discovered on Friday at Muleete Village in Kitenga Sub -county in Mubende District.

Preliminary investigations indicate that on Thursday at about 7: 30 pm, Namubiru left her shop to meet her husband at Muleete Village, but at about 4am, the husband returned home in Mubende town.

He was driving the deceased’s car claiming that she [Namubiru] had asked him to stop the car to enable her get out and attend to an urgent telephone call outside the vehicle.

He added that she walked away from the car as she responded to the caller.

Namubiru’s husband said after waiting in the car for a long period, he decided to move out and look for his wife who was not returning.

He said that he searched nearby but failed to locate Namubiru.

A case of a missing person was reported at Mubende Central Police Station and a search for Namubiru started until her body was recovered.

Mr Suleiman Sendagire, a brother of Namubiru said he received a call from Nakanyike, a business associate of Namubiru, on Thursday morning that she had gone missing yet no one had called to ask for a ransom.

“I called other relatives but none had seen her or heard from her. Later, I received a call from Nakanyike that a burnt body of a woman had been dumped at Mubende Regional Referral Hospital mortuary and we needed to go to the hospital to check,” Mr Sendagire said.

Mr Sendagire said that on reaching the hospital mortuary, they found out that the body was that of Namubiru.

“We do not know why the killers subjected her to such a painful death. We need justice,” Mr Sendagire said.

Mr Abdul Mutebi, the father of Namubiru said it was hard to recognise her face.

I strongly believe my son in -law is in better position to explain what exactly transpired and he was the last person to speak to deceased. If someone disappears from you, do you really just walk away?”

Namubiru was on Saturday laid to rest at her ancestral home at Lukerere Village in Masaka District.