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Mowzey Radio murder suspect found guilty of manslaughter


Monday October 28, 2019


The man accused of killing singer Moses Sekibogo who was known by his stage name as Mowzey Radio has been found guilty of manslaughter.
Justice Jane Abodo of Entebbe High Court on Monday said she had found Godfrey Wamala alias Troy guilty of manslaughter and not murder which he had been charged with.

According to Justice Abodo, Wamala did not have malice aforethought to kill Mowzey despite the fact that the Goodlyfe Crew member died following a bar brawl.
The judge in her ruling read to a fully-packed court argued that Wamala squarely linked himself to the scene of crime when he admitted he was present when the incident happened.
In his defence, Wamala had denied touching the musician and said he saw two other men beating him up.

Manslaughter is lesser offense than murder which attracts a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.
Justice Abodo adjourned the case to October 31, 2019 when she will sentence Wamala.
Court heard that on January 22, 2018, Wamala was seen with Radio at the De bar drinking, before a scuffle between the singer and other people ensued.

Radio allegedly poured booze on some people before a one Pamela Musimire and another person only identified as Ategeka intervened by taking Radio out of the bar.
Outside the bar, Wamala reportedly grabbed the singer and beat him up.
Prosecution said that after the beating, Wamala took off and hid in Kyengera until February 4, 2018 when he handed himself to police when Radio had died.