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Minister Museveni agrees to appear before Parliament


Friday February 14, 2020

Education Minister, Janet Museveni 

The Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni has agreed to appear before the Parliament on issues regarding the rollout of the new Lower Secondary level Curriculum.

The Minister made this revelation while closing the two-day selection exercise for Senior Five students at the Uganda Manufacturers’ Association (UMA) hall in Lugogo.

The revelation follows the Speaker of Parliament, on Thursday, summoning Mrs Museveni after the Leader of opposition in the institution raised a concern on cabinet implementing the new O’Level curriculum despite the issues raised by the MPs against it.

Back on 5th February 2020, the Bududiri West MP, Hon Nandala Mafabi raised a motion to halt the implementation of the new curriculum to allow for consultation and training of teachers. He also prayed that the government provides the House with a proper statement on the implementation of the changes.

Other Members Of Parliament wondered how the government, through the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), could roll out the curriculum without textbooks to aid the teaching and learning.

Janet Museveni, during the release of the 2019 Uganda Business and technical Examinations results on 7th February 2020, defended her Ministry’s stand by stating the government had had enough time considering the curriculum had been halted before.

She further said that The Ministry has so far developed and distributed curriculum framework and syllabuses for all 21 subjects to all secondary schools in Uganda. It was at this ceremony that she announced the intention to take the matter to cabinet for further guidance.

On Tuesday, the cabinet cleared the Ministry of Education to continue with the implementation of the revised lower secondary curriculum despite Parliament’s resolution to halt it.

Minister Museveni will appear before the house on Tuesday to answer legislators' queries on the curriculum.