Kadaga rejects plans to have Parliament pay for MPs data, OTT as notices are pulled down

Thursday May 16, 2019


Notices awarding Telecom company MTN the contract to pay for MPs data and social media tax have been pulled down from Parliament's notice boards where they had been pinned.

This after the story attracted the attention of the media on Wednesday.

The notices indicated that MTN had beaten Africell and Airtel to win a contract that would take effect on 1st July 2019 and would benefit all the 458 legislators.

The data is to the tune of 5GB every month plus 6000 OTT tax which would cost the tax payer an extra Ushs 200m.

The decision has since steered debate from the public, Members of Parliament and activists.

According to our reporter Herbert Zziwa, the notices were no where as of Thursday morning.

Meanwhile,the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga says any decision for parliament to pay OTT tax for MPs must be rescinded.