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Increased murder cases worry Bugisu authorities

Tuesday April 9, 2019


Police and local leaders in Bugisu Sub-region have expressed concern over the increasing number of murder cases in the area.
 Police statistics indicate that more than 20 cases of murder were registered in Namisindwa, Manafwa, Mbale, Bududa, Bulambuli and Sironko districts between January and February this year.

Police said the cases were a result of land wrangles, witchcraft, misunderstanding over inherited family property and business rivalry, among others.

“We have registered a string of gruesome killings and this has caused fear among the locals. When family and clan members disagree on land and other properties, they resort to mob justice. When a family member is killed, the community also lynches culprits,” Mr Robert Tukei, the Elgon Region police spokesperson, said.

He said Namisindwa tops in the cases followed by Mbale and Manafwa.
“Political and religious leaders, and community members should help us fight the crime in their respective districts,” Mr Tukei said.

He said police have embarked on a massive community policing campaign to reduce cases of domestic violence and land wrangles.
“We have also intensified night patrols in all districts in the region to deal with the robbers,” he said.
Police also say more than 30 cases of phone theft and 114 cases of other thefts were recorded in the two months.
Mr George William Wopuwa, the Namisindwa chairperson, said they registered 20 deaths arising from either suicide or family-related murders, adding that many of the victims were more than 80 years of age.

“We have had community policing in many sub-counties but the trend continues. We are worried because you can’t tell who is next,” he said.
Mr Moses Kigai Wamoto, the Resident District Commissioner, said they started conducting joint security meetings in the district to fight the vice.
Mr Wamoto, who also heads the district security committee, urged residents to use local council courts and religious leaders to resolve disputes. 
Mr Yasin Wabomba, the Mbale Municipal Council deputy speaker, urged police and village chairpersons to work together.
“Police should work with local leaders to fight crime because it is one of the causes of underdevelopment,” he said.
Mr John Magomu, a resident, said perpetrators mainly target elders in order to grab their land.
Past years
2018: The region registered 156 murder cases, 236 for robbery, 239 for phone thefts and 1,334 for other kinds of theft 
2017: Murder cases registered were 241, robberies-233, Theft of phones-261 and theft of all kinds-1526.