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I will never have a single investment outside Uganda - President Museveni

Sunday September 22, 2019


President Museveni has revealed that he doesn’t have and will never own any investment outside Uganda.

The revelation is contained in a statement released on Sunday morning in line with the sanctions leveled against Former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura by the US.

The US accuses Kayihura of human rights violations and corruption.

“I do not have and will never have a single investment outside Uganda; possibly, for some sentimental reasons, I could consider investing in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda etc. – African countries”. reads part of Museveni’s statement.

President Museveni also added that it would be treason for Kale Kayihura to own any assets outside Uganda arguing that Uganda too, needs investments.

He also lashed out at the Opposition for their ‘excitement’ over the sanctions.

“Before I comment on the action of the USA Govt in the matter of Kale, I should, first of all, say that, that excitement among some elements of the Opposition shows the poor quality of their spectacles when it comes to issues of Africa and Uganda”, Museveni wrote.

Kayihura has since responded calling the sanctions a sign of hypocrisy while adding that neither him, nor his family had intentions of traveling to the US.