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Kisaasi fire explosion: Here’s what we know so far

By Andrew Bagala & Stephen Otage

Sunday February 9, 2020


Panic grippped residents of Kikulu, Ssebagala Zone Kisaasi, on Saturday night when LPG gas cylinders which were reportedly being filled started exploding.

According to Kawempe North Member of Parliament Latif Ssebagala, he received a distress phone call at around 9:15pm informing him that his late father's home which neighbors the scene of the incident was on fire. He says he had also heard explosions while at his school, Kisaasi College.

"I was at Kisaasi college and I received a phone call about the fire. I heard explosions and I had to call fire brigade and the OC Kira Road Police station. I am happy they responded very fast," he said.

Officers from Fire and rescue services responded to the explosion.

Police said one of the houses in the area had several gas cylinders which exploded one at a time.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that the house was having a lot of gas cylinders and each were going off one at time making multiple blasts. Our officers are currently at the scene fighting the fire with hope of extinguishing it soon. Property has been destroyed but no death of persons confirmed so far. You shall be updated accordingly on the situation,” Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Mr Luke Owoyesigyire.

According to one of the residents, at least more than 15 cylinders exploded in a makeshift store and it was also neighbouring a night vehicle parking yard.

Luckily no injuries and deaths were registered.