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Health Ministry confirms Yellow Fever outbreak in Moyo and Buliisa


Friday January 24, 2020

Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng (Daily Monitor Archive Photo) 

The Ministry of Health has declared an outbreak of Yellow fever in the districts of Moyo and Buliisa. The Minister of health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng made the announcement Friday at the Ministry’s offices in Kampala.

The Minister has also confirmed 3 deaths so far from the outbreak in the two districts. The identities of the deceased are still unknown.

“One case has been successfully contained,” Minister Aceng told journalists in the press conference in a moment of relief.

Yellow fever is a hemorrhagic viral disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes infected with the virus. Transmission is carried from monkeys to humans and between fellow humans.

Uganda is one of the countries living in the yellow fever belt although it is rated at medium risk.

The disease has haunted the country for decades and has been detected  as recently as May 2019.

“We have a favourable environment and the mosquitoes that transmit the virus found in forests. However, these mosquitoes do not normally bite human beings so there are occasional outbreaks in the country despite having a high percentage of the population not immunised” a Dr Lutwama explained to daily Monitor in 2016.

Uganda's fight against Yellow Fever has been marred by conmen selling fake Yellow fever cards which were meant to reduce the risk of spreading the deadly disease.