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Gen Muntu’s ANT party bars intolerant people from joining it

Tuesday January 7, 2020



The Opposition Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), has set tough conditions for prospective members and those intending to seek its ticket to contest for various political offices countrywide.

ANT was founded by former Forum for Democratic Change, Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Gen Muntu is also a former army commander.

Party officials say that the recruitment of persons who have a history of intolerance and any form of political aggression is strictly forbidden.

Mr Sadat Maseruka, the party’s interim central region youth coordinator says they are concerned by the growing trend of intolerance among the various political groups which puts the country’s future at stake.

Speaking during a mobilisation meeting with ANT youth coordinators from the districts of the Greater Masaka region, Mr Masereka said that the party expects its members to exhibit a high sense of political maturity by avoiding confrontational politics.

He said that as the country gets closer to the 2021 general elections, many political players are plotting to exploit energies of the youthful population to instigate chaos and violence against their competitors.

Mr Maseruka asked ANT coordinators to perceive themselves as a new breed of politicians, identified with exceptional character of maturity, as one of the ways of attracting more supporters to the party.

Mr Masereka says that despite the urge to recruit so many members, they cannot compromise their principles on discipline, explaining that their party seeks to build a unique identity, capable of transforming the political landscape of the country where effective competition is based on ideology not aggression.

He asked the youth to seek leadership responsibilities from within and outside the party, as a direct way of contributing towards building a better future of the country.

Mr Sadick Lukyamuzi, the party coordinator for Bukoto West constituency in Lwengo District appreciated the message as appropriate.

Ugandans have on several occasions witnessed scenes of physical and verbal violence by groups with divergent political opinions.