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Gaaga bus knocks Elephant dead in Nwoya


Thursday June 6, 2019
Gaaga bus knocks Elephant dead in Nwoya


NWOYA-Eight people have been admitted to hospital in critical condition after a bus they were travelling in, knocked dead an elephant in Murchison National Park.

 The accident occurred on Wednesday at about 11:40pm in Got Apwoyo Sub-county, Nwoya District.

The accident happened a few metres from Pakwach Bridge on the Karuma- Pakwach Highway.

The elephant which was crossing the Karuma-Pakwach highway from Murchison Falls National Park was knocked dead by a bus belonging to Gaaga Bus Company.

Mr Twaha Karim, the bus driver, was among the people who were injured and rushed to Arua Hospital and Pakwach Hospital.

Others are; Dr Christine Mpora, Mr David Kizito, Mr Derrick Rwothongeyo, Mr Mohammad Ssegerinya, Ms Sandra Aweka, and Mr Oruma Franscesca , 50.
Aswa Region police spokesman, Mr Jimmy Patrick Okema , blamed the accident on reckless driving.

This is not the first time that elephants are causing accident along Karuma- Pakwach High way.

In July 2018, two people were injured at Agung village, Anaka Sub-county, Nwoya District on Karuma-Pakwach Highway when a bus belonging to KK Bus Company knocked dead an elephant.

In 2002, a speeding Gaaga bus hit an elephant in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The driver was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died.

Officials from Uganda Wild Life Authority have previously threatened to take action against errant drivers and reminded motorists that traffic regulations in the national parks require a speed limit of 45km per hour.

However, delinquent drivers exceed the required speed limit and get away with it.

The death of elephants, according to conservationists, is a blow to the country’s tourism sector.