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Former UPC Vice President Joseph Bossa is dead

Tuesday October 1, 2019


Former UPC Vice President Joseph Bbosa has died.

Bbosa is also husband to the Hon. Lady Justice Solome Balungi Bbosa of the International Criminal Court.

According to Solomon Muyita, the Judiciary spokesperson, Bbosa died in The Hague, Netherlands.

Muyita says the funeral arrangements will be communicated in due course.

Bbosa assumed the UPC party presidency when Dr Olara Otunnu bowed out on May 26th, 2016 to pave way for elections, which led to a protracted court battles. This saw the party splitting in two rival factions allied to Akena and Bbosa.

In April, 2019, the UPC party leadership under Jimmy Akena ejected the deceased on grounds that he was holding out as the Party President and instituting a suit against Orient Bank in the name of UPC without authorization by the party cabinet.

The Vice President of the otunnu faction Mr Peter Walubiri has said described Bbosa's death as a big blow to the country and the legal fraternity at large.

“It’s very sad because Mr Bbosa has been trying to sort out issues of the party and he had died at a critical time when the country needs resourceful people like him,” Walubiri said.