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Ex-presidential candidate, Maj Gen Biraro dead


Wednesday February 12, 2020

The late Gen Benon Biraro (Daily Monitor Picture) 

2016 Elections Presidential Candidate and retired Millitant Maj Gen Benon Biraro has passed away at the age of 61 at Kampala Hospital.

According to reports, the retired military officer has been battling with colon cancer for two years. The Military man has had multiple procedures in his fight against the disease but late last year, the situation worsened.

In a statement released by Kampala Hospital, he was admitted to the facility on Thursday 6th February at 12.06 pm. He has been receiving treatment for advanced colon cancer.

Details are still coming in on his death.

Maj Gen Biraro was born on 1st March 1958,  in Isingiro District. He attended Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He Later attended  Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, graduating with a Masters in Global Strategic Studies.

He later joined the NRA in the Bush War in 1982. After the Bush war, he moved though a number of ranks.

He deputised Mr Museveni’s Principle Private Secretary in 1986 before becoming the Kitgum District Special Administrator from 1986 to 1987. He also served as the Deputy Commandant Kyankwanzi Political School. He was also the Commanding Officer 97 Battalion in Eastern Uganda that ended the insurgency in Samia, Teso.

He was also the commander Military Police as well as the military representative in the IGG’s office.

Maj Gen Biraaro was the director of training that led the Uganda contingent to DRC in 1998.

He later became the commander of the Infantry Division in western Uganda. He was also assistant Chief of Staff, UPDF.

In 2016, he stood for Presidency in a race where his oratory skills at the Presidential debate impressed Ugandans.

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While Ugandans wondered why a retired military man who served under Yoweri Museveni would want to oppose the President, the late Gen Biraro said that he was the first among the bush war fighters to take offence with Mr Museveni’s decision to cling onto power.

“In 1996 I told President Museveni that the 10 years he had been in leadership were enough and advised him to leave power for others,” Gen Biraro told the Daily Monitor.

Responding to questions back in 2016 about his ability to lead the country , Gen Biraro pointed at what he described as a clean track record that he has left in all the public offices he has held since 1986.

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