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Crispin Kaheru quits CCEDU

Tuesday October 8, 2019


Crispin Kaheru has presented his letter of resignation to Hon Miria Matembe, Chairperson, CCEDU indicating that he has stepped down from the position of the Coordinator of the Citizens' Coalition for Electoral effective Friday 11th October 2019
According to the notice dated 11th September
"I made a personal commitment to serve in this position for a maximum of nine years, so now having fulfilled my personal pledge its time for me to begin a new phase in professional life" says Crispin

During his time as the cordinator, CCEDU, Kaheru, played a vital role in coordinating critical national wide citizen-centred electoral reform advocacy efforts as well as superintending over non- conventional voter mobilisation campaigns such as ' Honour Your Vote', a Campaign he says positively influenced millions of Ugandans.

"Madam chair I exit, I can assure you that I leave behind a committed CCEDU membership that truly believes in the vision and mission of CCEDU- and a membership that is foresighted and ready to walk the last mile realise the coalitions aspirations" Crispin further said

In terms of programmes and partnerships, Mr Kaheru says CCEDU has carved out a niche in advocacy for electoral reforms, conducting voter mobilisation campaigns and monitoring electoral processes.

It is not yet clear why Crispin is resigning