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Courts to remain closed on Friday


Wednesday April 24, 2019


All courts of Judicature across the country will remain closed the entire day on Friday this week to allow the over 350 judicial officers attend their annual general meeting.
The meeting is expected to be attended by judicial officers from the highest court (Supreme Court) up to the lowest court (magistrate court); under their judicial association, the Uganda Judicial Officers Association (UJOA).
“The Chief Justice has granted permission for all the courts to adjourn matters on the April 26, 2019 to enable all judicial officers to attend the UJOA annual general meeting that day,” reads in part the letter from Chief Registrar, Ms Esta Nambayo to the president of UJOA, Mr Godfrey Kaweesa.
Daily Monitor understands that the annual association meeting will be held at the High Court grounds in Kampala on Friday.
Explaining what the meeting will focus on, Mr Kaweesa said they will be discussing a number of issues affecting the delivery of justice and that most importantly about the funding gap of the Judiciary.
About the funding gap, Mr Kaweesa explained that in the forthcoming financial year 2019/20, the Judiciary had asked for Shs550b but government has since allocated it a meagre Shs150b, which money he said will leave a number of activities undone.
He also revealed that they will be discussing about the unfulfilled pledges made to them by the government when they went on industrial action over a year ago.
The government had pledged to procure several motor vehicles for the magistrates for facilitation of land justice, enhance their salaries and security and providing more office equipment.
However, according to Mr Kaweesa, all these promises haven’t been fulfilled.
He also said that the activities of the day will include playing of games as a way of team building and that the judicial spouses have been invited too to participate.
Part of UJOA’s mandate is to advocate for an independent and vibrate Judiciary, advocate for better terms and conditions and network with other regional judicial associations.