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China to extend visas for Ugandans


Tuesday April 14, 2020

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sam Kutesa 

The Chinese government has agreed to extend visas for Ugandans living in China for two months amid COVID-19 lockdown and transport shutdown.

"Those whose visas expired because of the lock down, the government of China has accepted to extend their visas for another 2 months",Minister of Foreign Affaris Sam Kuteesa said in a press conference.

The decision comes after multiple accusations of discrimination made by Africans in China. In these accusation, Africans in the Asian giant were allegedly denied access to buildings, public transportation and housing. Various videos and pictures allegedly from China and shared on social media seemed to strengthen these claims.

Minister of Foreign Affairs told the media in Kampala that China and African countries had agreed to stop alleged targeted discrimination and evictions against foreigners. This, after concerns over mistreatment of African nationals.

"We agreed that there will beno discrimination in access to services like hospitals, markets and wherever it has been happening it was as a results of individual actions and not government policy", Minister Kuteesa said in a press conference.

According to Mr Kuteesa, the Ugandan Mission in China and other African countries met with the countries leadership where it was agreed that the Asian Country to provide accommodation for those Ugandans with expired visas and have no place to stay.

"It was also agreed to provide assistance to those that have been quarantined in the various hotels facilities and cannot afford the cost", Mr Kuteesa said.

Kutesa however urged Ugandans illegally living in the Asian country to seek registration at Ugandan embassy and consular services in Guangzhou in order to be helped.