Bobi Wine composes multilingual song against police "Injustice"


Friday April 26, 2019

Bobi Wine in the "Afande" Music Video 

Kyadondo East Member Of parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi morphed back into Bobi Wine during his house arrest moment to compose a song in various languages used in Uganda.

“I used the past two days under house arrest to compose a song which I now dedicated to our men and women in Uniform,” Bobi Wine tweeted.

The Song titled “Afande” is about the Uganda Police and its methods of enforcing the law that the musician does not agree with. The legislator keeps repeating one of his very famous lines “I am Not fighting you, I am fighting for you” which he first made during the demonstration against Social Media and mobile money Taxes last year.

“ We are grateful for the sacrifices they make to keep our country safe and we implore them to stop violating the rights of the citizens,” the legislator tweeted.

The song which features languages like Luganda, Lusoga and Kiswahili among others is supported with a video on Youtube featuring various clips of police Brutality in Uganda.

The song comes days after the Police blocked Bobi Wine from holding his “Kyarenga” concert at his One Love beach in Busabala. On the 22nd April, 2019 Easter Monday, Bobi Wine was stopped by Police from accessing the Beach. The police claims that the Musician’s Event managers did not meet some of the standards put in place fro a concert to happen.

The blockade led to a scuffle between police and Bobi Wine who was later removed from his car, put in a van and driven to his home. The next morning when the legislator together with his lawyers tried to leave his home to ask police why his concert was stopped, the institution’s officers were at his home declaring that he was under house arrest.

The Member parliament escape from the house arrest on 25th April to attend the burial of a late prominent Bugiri politician, Siraji Lyavala.

It was due to these events that the musician decided to compose “Afande” to try and appeal to the Uganda Police.

This is not the first time, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has released a song against what he terms as injustice in Uganda. Three months ago on December 31st, 2018, the artiste released “Tuliyambala Engule” alongside other musicians like Nubian Li, King Saha and politicians like Bugiri Municipality MP, Asuman Basalirwa.

We are yet to hear from police on what the institution thinks about the song.