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Police presence scares off Bobi Wine consultations in Gulu


Tuesday January 7, 2020

Bobi Wine addresses the public on behalf of the people power faction in Kamwokya 

The People Power faction has canceled its consultations on Presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi (commonly refered to as Bobi Wine) in Gulu. This after being informed by colleagues on scene of heavy Police deployment.

“We have been informed by our colleagues in Gulu that the Police has deployed heavily and has arrested some of the People Power members,” Bobi Wine said in the press conference.

On Monday, Police blocked members of the people power faction including their leader Bobi Wine from carrying out their first consultation at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Gayaza in Wakiso district. The members of the faction were arrested and detained at Nagalama Police station. The police stated, through the institution’s spokesperson, Fred Enanga that Bobi Wine and his team did not follow the guidelines as per the Public Order Management Act.

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On Tuesday in a Press Conference, Bobi Wine insisted that he will continue with his national consultations on whether he should stand for presidency. It is not yet clear whether the Political Pressure group has managed to meet the guidelines set by the Public Order Management Act.

The group is all set for Lira on Wednesday where their schedule for the consultations will resume.

During the press conference, the Police deployed officers at Bobi Wine’s Kamwokya offices where he was meeting Journalists.