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Trojans win NTV Sting Hotsteps season 5

Saturday August 3, 2019

Trojans Dance crew has won the fifth edition of NTV's Hotsteps.
The dance crew beat DHF, Daphne and 24/7 to walk away with 20 million shillings.
Daphne who was the lone performer amongest the top four, was the third runner up and won 8 million, while the 24/7 crew was the first runner up and got 10 million.

The dance competition is a brain child of NTV, and was this time backed by Pepsi's Sting Energy drink brand.
Over 100 dance crews and dancers battled in season 5, but Trojans' creativity left no space for the competition.

Favour from Arua had the whole West Nile region voting, when he made the top six, unfortunately home support was not enough for him.
The judges thought he didn't do enough to make the top four.
The finale held at Kati kati grounds,  had performances from Rachel K, B2C, John Blaq,
Plus Wembley Mo and Carole Kasita who challenged the dancers and made it look like they were also challenging for the 20 million.
See you next season.