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4-year- old girl dumped in pit latrine by her defilers

Sunday June 16, 2019


A four -year -old girl is fighting for her life at Bombo Military Hospital in Luweero District after being miraculously retrieved from a 20-feet pit- latrine, where she was dumped by two men who had allegedly kidnapped and defiled her.

The victim who is under intensive care, is yet to regain her sight.

She reportedly went missing from her mother on June 8, at Sambwe Orthodox Primary School in Nyimbwa Sub- county, Luweero District, where her mother, Ms Sylvia Nabirye had gone to attend a village Sacco meeting.

The girl was reportedly kidnapped outside the classroom block where the Sacco meeting was taking place.

“We searched all the classrooms and the neighbourhood after failing to locate the girl. We were joined by residents of Sambwe Village who combed all the surrounding bushes but failed to get the girl. The search continued on Sunday and Monday but we could not locate the girl,” Ms Nabirye said on Sunday.

The girl was recovered on June 11, after a pupil at Sambwe Orthodox Primary School who had gone to the pit-latrine to ease herself heard noise of someone screaming for help at the bottom of the pit- latrine.

“Residents dug through the sides of the pit- latrine to access the girl who was miraculously still alive but very weak,” Ms Rebecca Ayeta, the Luweero Acting District Police Commander, said

Luweero Resident District Commissioner, Ms Phoebe Namulindwa said the health team at Bombo Military Hospital have offered the necessary medical to make the girl recover.

“The District security team is working with the police to ascertain the circumstances under which the girl was kidnapped and find out where she was kept for the three days before being dumped in a pit- latrine.

Ms Namulindwa said medical examination results indicated that there was penetration in her private parts which raptured her hymen.

“This amounts to aggravated defilement including the other possible charges which will be sanctioned by police and State Attorney. We appeal to residents to provide the necessary help that could provide information to boost the police investigations. We have some key suspects who were seen riding on a motorcycle with the girl,” she said.

Police have tentatively preferred charges of kidnap, attempted murder and aggravated defilement against the two suspects who are detained at Luweero Central Police Station.