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Somalia cuts ties with Guinea over Somaliland

Friday July 5, 2019

Somali President Hassan Sheik Mohamud 

Somalia has cut ties with with the Republic of Guinea. This is after the West African country hosted the leader of the the semi-autonomous region of Somalia called Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi.

The Announcement was made by the Foreign Minister of Somalia, Ahmed Isse Awad following a Cabinet meeting in Mogadishu. Mr. Awad warns other countries against violating the sovereignty and unity of Somalia.

Earlier this week, the leader of Somaliland flew to Conakry, Guinea under the invitation of the Nation’s President, Alpha Conde. This, according to Somalia’s Ministry of foreign Affairs and International cooperation, denounces and considers “blatant and egregious violation of the Sovereignty, Unity and Territorial integrity of Somalia by the Republic Of Guinea.

Somaliland seceded and declared itself independent in 1991 as Somalia plunged into chaos after the fall of autocrat Siad Barre. Somaliland has been pushing for independence ever since.